How To Style Your Shirt: What’s Up With LinkedIn?

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spring is the time when business meets home office. See here how to wear your shirt stylish matching a column about a famous business platform.

What is actually going on with LinkedIn? This question seems quite legit to be asked after all what has been going on there for quite some while. Do not worry, nothing truly bad happened, therefore just something very annoying.

“Stop using LinkedIn like Instagram”, was a headline that I quite agreed with very much and therefore engraved in my head. But it is not always Instagram inside where it written Instagram. The actual sense behind this post — a young naturally styled woman smiling purely and innocently photographed in front of plants, her photo covered by the words above on the top of this paragraph in bold white — was that apparently LinkedIn users would terrifyingly criticise each other without thinking, subjectively which would have traits of a shitstorm… allegedly like on Instagram. Well then…

I really do not know where to start, perhaps with this very misleading photo that was covering the intention of this post at the first sight, the ridiculous cry of “please-do-not-criticise-me”, the way Instagram is regarded on a business-platform or the fact that LinkedIn is indeed becoming Instagram but on a completely different level? You guessed it: why would we even need to discuss such a topic on a job-platform? That not enough LinkedIn has become a flood of people profiling themselves with the storytelling-method craving for attention and appreciation — what happened to my job-platform where it is about qualifications, soft-skills, hard-skills, business-news, companies and intellect? Instead LinkedIn has become the same poor spectacle social networks such as Facebook (the giant among all those) have got criticised for for ten years — which is quite a huge amount of time in these fast-living years(!): the urgent desire for likes, if we have to give it a name.

People, the playground is next door, congratulations for celebrating yourself for being, uhm, you(?!), applause for emphasising that you are doing the most natural thing that billions of others are doing anyway with screaming it out loud: taking care of your kids while working. Can I also get a medal for that, please?

(I am coming to an end right away). I always respected LinkedIn for being a platform of (mentally) grown-up, serious business-people in which career (not quick-big-money and fame) oriented people can extend and enrich their network but apparently either do misunderstand the term of qualification or the whole rest. When and where have we learned to pull something (a company) through the mud publicly to boost other ones or drag compassion? Sadly private and public do get mixed too much at too many places. But for now let us stick with LinkedIn. I do not want to sound heartless but not with me!

Finally, it is ok and good to raise your voice, have an opinion and also to boost yourself as I wrote here. But do please and really: stop using LinkedIn like Instagram!

“As many manuals correctly write your outfit is your armour.”


Trend: Shirt under Pullover

While winter had rather been kind of a maternal leave for me spring became even more of a business season instead. During which I have had quite many video-calls from home office. The question is: do you always need to wear the classy black blazer over a white blouse and matching pants as well as shoes? It depends.

As many manuals correctly write your outfit is your armour. As all manuals for any topic write the choice of clothes is the most important thing. With clothes you are leaving a big impression on the person opposite accompanied by many little ones. Kings of old lands even state that without their clothes they would not be more worthy than others. Anyway, dress up! From head to toe because clothes in the first place give you the feeling that you spread to your surrounding. Luckily the world of fashion enough trends and style-inspirations so that it does not necessarily need to be the classy suit and blouse on black and white (would not be easy to care anyway to just wear it at home for one hour). More important than choosing a business-outfit is to adapt to your meeting-partner. Among others the perfect solution could then be a blouse under a pullover. Gold then, of course, seems rather laid on thick but firstly chain jewellery is trendy and secondly it matched my shoes.

A shirt styled under a pullover in black and white with golden chainaccessories.
A shirt styled under a pullover in black and white with golden chain-accessories.
A shirt styled under a pullover in black and white with golden chain-accessories.
A shirt styled under a pullover in black and white with golden chain-accessories.
A shirt styled under a pullover in black and white with golden chainaccessories.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

Love, Johanna

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