Summerdress Of Spring: Emotionalizing

Hello my beloved readership,

get yourself in the mood of summer with the summerdress of spring. The fanciful item can already be worn in pre-summertime with a certain addition. See it here.

It seems like here comes part two of my previous article about LinkedIn and the way it developed. In case you missed it read it here. A never-endig love story, an eyes-rolling “here we go again”, the sad continuation of criticizing or I have not finished – yet. Maybe all of this. I got depressed enough when I read in my student-papers that emotionalizing in order to gain sympathy and generate clients happens to be an empirically and theoretically proven and spread marketing-tool but now that it is also conquering social media up to serious business networks I wonder is this really necessary? I mean, when push media does not care about our intellectual needs and ejects third-rate publicity that is completely misplaced it is nothing new but it horrifies me that apparently the majority of people dominating social media with exactly this emotionalising. Furthermore even shows I have watched and cherished as child follow the… (I do not even want to call it) “trend” of emotionalising to raise the show-factor. Diseases, babies, private stories as if talent and intelligence — the main course — would not matter anymore. Hello? Does anyone still care of data security or private sphere? Where has the good old secrets-are-attractive-spirit gone? Are people this obsessed with fame and attention that they are willing to expose themselves up to their underwear? Come on most of these people are not 16-year-old confused teenagers who cannot differ information or are not aware of the consequences the internet can hold.

My tutor at junior high school had a good sentence she constantly said: “I want to be entertained intellectually.”, and I could not agree with her more. But furthermore I can say that I grew literally tired of the mass of emotionalising used in digital mass media. It drives me really angry that the marketing subjects are defencelessly exposed to this by fools who think they do everything rightly and I will keep on fighting against this crime. Emotionalising is an awful tool working in the fewest of cases. If you need a case of emotionalising in order to get attention then leave because you are not worthy and would not make it on your own. Humanity needs to be protected and saved from this blind emotionalising. I am wishing for healthy balanced content as in the stylish contrast of clothing.

”This new trend could deliver a solution to the problem.”


Trend: Shirt Beneath Summerdress

By this stage of life I have to admit, I do not often wear dresses but for a post-Easter brunch walk I think I could make an exception and exchange a maxi-skirt with a dress when our baby is sleeping in the pram. The reason behind it is that dresses are very uncomfortable for nursing as you would properly have to dress off completely which would not be so good — especially in public. Therefore I rather prefer two pieces. This is already an advance compared to the very beginning when I almost only wore clothes with button facing. Well in this stage of life all clothes have their advantages and disadvantages therefore I rather go with grabbing my chances when I can this referring to clothing in this context. However this new trend could deliver a solution to the problem. The dress I have picked a dress I bought during my pregnancy. It was kind of a love at the second sight as I bought it during the sale while scrolling again. I love the dark blue ocean-shade with flowers as much as I love the material and picked one of the contrast colors it contains — here lilac — to combine my shirt with. The darker boots in the same tone enforced the play with contrasts.

A summer dress worn over a shirt.
A summer dress worn over a shirt.
A summer dress worn over a shirt.
A summer dress worn over a shirt.
A summer dress worn over a shirt.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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