Glittery Cyan & Magenta: Boost-Effect

Hello my beloved readership,

it is colorful, it glows and it glitters – a feast for one’s eyes and a boost-effect for the soul and the mood. However there is another boost-effect passed from person to person in particular a booster, as balm for the soul, for a person’s self-confidence. This boost-effect is simple but huge, it is… words.

Before you get annoyed of it ask if you have done enough yourself at all. Yes, people may be fishing for compliments but only because they receive too less of them in their everyday-life and as the years are passing the amount of receiving compliments is fading with them. People feel like being taken for granted, less cherished and finally lose their self-confidence. The fact that compliments are becoming rare in our society of self-centered individuals causes feelings of uncertainty. The result that remains is that uncertainty cannot afford the strength or even motivation to boost the proper fellows with compliments.

“You are going to feel it if someone needs to be boosted with confirmation, compliments and kind words from time to time.”
– Fall4Me

These uncertain people, they are the ones who need us the most! They are not asking actively for it in order not to seem desperate but, trust me, you are going to feel it if someone needs to be boosted with confirmation, compliments and kind words from time to time. In case you claim that you cannot feel it, do not worry, in the end the certainty that everyone needs kind words is going to lend a hand.

It does not cost anything anyway to speak out compliments. In the end it may just enrich you. Firstly to improve your relationship with people you boost since kindness is generally returned with kindness and the impression they have about you and secondly you are going to make a positive contribution for at least a part of the world.

Finally words are nothing to see nor to touch words are present for one slight moment but their effect may be everlasting and just as huge. One word of boost may safe one life in the right moment. With the boost-effect you can make people smile and see the world as beautifully glittery, colorful and glowing in all its reality as if a kind of art on a picture, an imagination or simply on nails.

Glittery glowing nails in magenta and cyan for midsummerGlittery glowing nails in magenta and cyan for midsummer

Get Your Nail Art Done At Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

“If you like glitter on your nails you can as well our glitter-technique for yourself.” – I was offered by the chief herself that time I did my nails. She seemed to have noticed that I like pretty eye-catching nails mostly with glitter and shimmer included in the colors.

Even though profit is not the highest rule in this nail studio with which they lift up from other fellow nail studios I as consumer have to be clever enough to be aware of the fact that the special glitter technique which I have had tried out in the past is just as lavish and costly as the magnet-technique. So why spending more money on a special technique if the color of your preference is already offered?

This is how the glitter-technique works:

  1. Your nails get prepared as known.
  2. Depending on the color of glitter you choose you first get your nails painted with the matching color which is going to make the foundation.
  3. After the color was fully dried the glitter powder is spread on your nails and dried.
  4. In the end a clear transparent top coat is coming on your nails to keep the whole work together for a longer lasting and smooth nail.

This technique is still counting to the gel-technique which is the longest-lasting and healthiest for your nails. Note that the variety of colors for this technique however is limited to the most requested and average ones.

The pro about this technique is that the glitter is spread all over your nails even at the closest sight with one layer other than the normal colors. They need at least one second layer to have a full look. Nevertheless with the very well-educated staff from Thanh Mail Nails & Wellness you can be sure that the glittery color on your nails is going to look as flawless as if done by the glitter-technique.

Love, Johanna


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