Best Of 2021

Hello my beloved readership,

you have voted and here are the results: the look, nail art and make-up of the year. Check out here the fan-favorites and best of 2021 and thank you for voting!

It is spring and I kind of seemed late for you to pick your favorite look/nail art/make-up of the passed year. Well, you know my never ending story about delays when extraordinary things come in between which take a higher priority such as a wedding, one (or two) birth(s) and my master studies in addition to my busy maternity, which was the reason why it took me up to the end of January to present you all looks on my blog and important social media channels Facebook and Instagram before letting you vote. But I will get there soon and for now we have the results not too late which I want to present you in the following.

Look of the Year

The monochrome look in black and white crowned with a red lipstick marks the second look in a row of this kind that was chosen as (favorite) look if the year — we remember that the favorite look of 2020, which you can reread here, was with no competition my “Upper Chic”-look that basically just differed from the dress I had worn, everything else was the same. Check it out once again here.

Talking about 2020 I have to admit two things: I did not want this look (which had just won by one vote) to win over all others as it was a look I had shot already in spring 2020 and moreover it was a reproduced look, which I had firstly worn one month ago when we had special guests and activities connected with that — but that does not matter as much since a confirmed good look could be worn more often, why not? If you would ask me whether or not I had not posted it because the trend passed until I got to do it or I had worn and shot it because I simply felt of the look to be well done and wanted to save it for when it would have been announced as trendy I do not remember. Perhaps it might have been the latter as I generally try to make up everything.

The occasion I made up this look might have been just for a casual Sunday stroll but dressing up just for something simple as this gave me the spirit to never leave the house as a couch potato at my young age in order not to fall lazy and make simple things special. Check out the winner-look once again here.

Black and white worn with a red accent and block heels.

Nail Art of the Year

Your favorite nail art chosen was rather unusual for the occasion itself but definitely not unusual for the season: the occasion was my birthday for which I rather look to get myself overly glittery or pearly shining shades of a colour but somehow summer passed too quickly last year with all the trends and occasion that it just left me admire Lenna [Kuurmaa]’s and Katrin [Siska]’s fingertips and finally on the last meters of summer choose it to be prioritised over the occasion itself. So this nail art as an exception neither followed a trend nor was adapted to an occasion but simply inspired. Check out the winning nail art once again here.

Birthday nail art in pastels.

Make-Up of the Year

Even if I could not deliver a wider selection of make-up arts I believe that your result would have been the same: as all roads lead to Rome I already sensed your preference take the direction of my signature make-up with a classy red lipstick and applied eyeliner. So basically this make-up is rather a routine than a trendy special to me but still I caught two in one. Check out once again my Christmas-style containing the winner-make-up here.

A Christmas-outfit in a red cocktail-dress and red make-up.

I got the impression that you enjoyed to participate in the voting in the style of a tournament which is why I will maintain it. I hope you are happy with the voting results. If not stay tuned and try your luck next year!

Love, Johanna

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