Lilac & Black: Celebrate Diversity

Hello my beloved readership,

it is June, the month entitled the diversity month. Along with a look in lilac it is the perfect occasion to set something clear. Read more here.

People… you know what these people are doing? People accuse me for discriminating gender equality. They accuse me for being a hardliner Christian. You accuse me to be intolerant against the LGBTQ+ community. Last but not least people accuse me for not being open to the world and help people in need. Oh yes, and apparently I get accused for not caring for the world when I eat meat and consider school more important that demonstrating for… what? This is what people are doing when I am expressing a different opinion than the mainstream. Hold on, did we not have this not long ago, exactly here? I knew we did…!

Now let me tell you something: I can be a pretty, supportive woman and still match an army of a thousand men! My Christianity is saint to me and my complete conviction yet I am calling equally firmly religious Muslims my brothers! For the sake of humanity, I do not do myself the whole pregnancy, birth and motherhood along with all circumstances and additional efforts that it brings with it for my children to go immediately change their whole being and not reproduce themselves the traditional way. Nonetheless I have good friends who are different in that way. What you are calling xenophobia I am calling cautiousness and prudence, because other than you I know the cultures and how it looks behind the scenes. Going unhealthy and stopping to eat meat is not the ultimate way to care for the world. I can start somewhere else.

At this point, my so dear hypocritical wannabe starry eyed-idealists I want to ask you: who is celebrating diversity and who is simply narrow-minded, short-sighted, naively celebrating a mainstream, media-given opinion without thinking any further?

“A little degree of steadfastness within all tolerance obviously suits everyone.”

– Fall4Me

Lilac: Everybody’s Darling

Which color is more popular than pink among boys and girls? Yes, purple, furthermore the secret runner-up dominating trend lilac which launches this summer in combination with black, another very popular but as well disputed color between elegance and sadness. It does seem that lilac is making black softer or does black make lilac stronger? For sure a little degree of steadfastness within all tolerance obviously suits everyone. It is not healthy to sell yourself and your soul at the costs of your healthy human-mind to prove selflessness and openness for diversity. Boundaries are always necessary everywhere otherwise we would not come or bring anyone any further but rather block the way.

A business-style in lilac and black.
A business-style in lilac and black.
A business-style in lilac and black.
A business-style in lilac and black.
A style in lilac and black

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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