Classy Style Trend Revival: Fall Flat On Your Face

Hello my beloved readership,

a classy style experiences its trend revival. Check out in the following which one it is and how to wear it coolest on hot upcoming summer days.

“I can’t help them if they won’t let me and no one is so hard to teach as a child who knows everything.”, Mary Poppins already stated when the rooftop duet sang the famous “Chim Chim Cheree” in the musical. This character is saying exactly what I am thinking just that these children find themselves in the bodies of adults and what I find in Germany is that most of the people as they reach the full age of 18 or move away from their parental home think that they know it all. Children in the bodies of adults just on principle refuse to listen to advises. Furthermore they interpret good advises also between like-minded as instructions how to live and dear parents, you are not doing you children a favor if you support them by giving them all the freedom, approving everything they do and not proving them better. Luckily us from the Eastern culture are so stuck to the family spirit over generations that even our mothers still ask our grand-mothers for advice. That still does not mean that everything our parents do is correct and ideal but at least it is good to listen to the wisdom of elders or more experienced like-minded because worse than the openness for advises is to listen to the sentence “I told you so”, trust me, that is one real punch.

On the other hand it is hard to believe critical things about people whom we believe to be good. Often we simply look away from their bad habits, characteristics or attitudes which is not a bad thing at all. We are not perfect but lovable for who we are. Apart from that is should be never talked bad about people and people being manipulated against others. That is simply not nice. But beware, also this is something you should at least lend an ear to. In interpersonal relationships that reach over two people the most important thing is distinction. Every story has a story and it is a sign of strength as well as real maturity and independence to have your proper image of things, people and situation in order to make your own judgement. Furthermore what used to be a support and blessing in your life can eventually turn out to be the destroyer of many things in your life systematically without you even noticing it. If someone else is telling you this you will for sure not believe it, therefore, dear someone elses, do not even give it a try or restrain yourselves. Here you have to trust in the winds and impulses of life that eventually the dear ones you just wish to help will fall flat on their faces all on their own and realize the truths without your intervention. That is often the most effective way.

“This classy all-rounder is a matter of personal preference.”

Johanna Karajan

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Blue jeans, white shirt – Lana Del Rey has already sung about this almost classiest of all styles. Probably only the wait*resses black and white style could top this combination but for summer we prefer it less strict. Therefore I have chosen the blouse by Orsay with pearls attached on it. It may not look like a classy shirt but with its decoration it is still suitable for special occasions. Therefore the ripped jeans by New Look may downgrade the look and turn it more casual but with the right accessories such as the moccasins by Zara and the perfect red lipstick by NYX it works again. After all summer is supposed to be everything but strict, therefore the preferred jeans for a white shirt are ripped, not too tight but light blue jeans to underline that extra touch of simplicity. Like this you are never dressed wrong for any kind of important occasion. In order to make it complete as office style you could simply wear a black blazer over it et voilà! The interpretation of this classy all-rounder is a matter of personal preference just like everyone needs to figure things out on their own without the help of any other.

Classy style blue jeans white shirt and red lips revive as trend.
Classy style blue jeans white shirt and red lips revive as trend.
Classy style blue jeans white shirt and red lips revive as trend.
Classy style blue jeans white shirt and red lips revive as trend.
Classy style blue jeans white shirt and red lips revive as trend.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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