Upper Chic – Mainstream?

Hello my beloved readership,

upper chic is not a matter of money but a matter of style and a good occasion to talk about the question: does it matter to be mainstream?

My dears, I would like to introduce this article with the most stupid sentence [in case the person who is the author of this sentence reads this, no offence] I was told recently: “You have never been mainstream anyway.” [background: I said that you do not have to yes everything what the mainstream delivers…]. My all means and honestly, how the hell is this connected to my statement?! It would be alarming (especially in times of nowadays) if everyone would tolerate everything that the mainstream tries to deliver here. You have to point out different points-of-view! not least the probably most famous physicist Albert Einstein one said that if you wanted to be a true scientist you would have to dedicate one hour of your day thinking the exact opposite of what everyone else things – story of my life, I could just say. But people do not bother to inform themselves any further, people do not bother to became unpopular with a proper opinion, instead it is easier to obey and brand people as something… (I do not want to say conspiracy theorist).

Apart from that you cannot believe how relieved I am, how proud and happy to not be mainstream: one of these brainless types that pretend to be unique but in the end are no different than anyone else… [you just cannot see me rolling my eyes now]! At least I can say whether I am popular or not that I have uniqueness, recognition factor and do my thing the way I believe in it to be right and along with its obstacles am somehow successful with it.

“We need less American and more French.”
– Fall4Me

We Should all be a little bit French

We need less American [once again, no offence] and more French – less big mouths that give themselves airs and more still waters that run deep, the silent seduce that is living for itself. Less competition and more love. Less single-players and more community. And especially this autumn less affordable torn blue jeans and a white shirt but more upper chic rooster comb pattern with black leather imitation, faux-fur [planned for the upcoming articles] and red lips – it is not about being able to afford or not because etiquette is not a matter of money. But especially because if you leave this world to those single-players (I do not want to be petty but let us call them as they are: simple stalkers that do not even congratulate you to the birth off your child – like I would care – which is certainly the highest of occasions to happen in your life but step in whenever they have good chuck to criticize you or put you down – as if they could) our humankind along with our humanity would die out. Like this you can be trendy like those to follow and yet set your very own unique interpretation with a ruling trend.

Rooster comb pattern are back this fall romantically and chic.Rooster comb pattern are back this fall romantically and chic.Rooster comb pattern are back this fall romantically and chic.Rooster comb pattern are back this fall romantically and chic.Rooster comb pattern are back this fall romantically and chic.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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