Miniskirt-Trend: Healthy Egoism

Hello my beloved readership,

the miniskirt is back! Choosing the most basic version of it in denim the message is just as clear that in the end the way leads back to myself. Read it here.

Those who enjoy the privilege of having long-term deep and mindful conversations with me – as conceited as this may sound but people whom I am counting to the closer circle of my friends – at least once have met the term “healthy egoism” but let us go back in chronology and start at the origins: Give every person the chance to become the best in your life, that is the mantra according to which I am living or rather which I have built up for myself and which I would pass on to each fellow of mine. When someone talks listen to this person and return this talk. It may start with the most trivial seeming topic but it can develop to a huge story of one’s life and there we go. Sometimes maybe this is the only thing people may be asking for but I hate to just listen and not be able to help with actions or good advices.

My number one advice is the one I always sum up with the sentence: “This is health egoism”. Healthy and egoism? Does that actually match? How about… yes? Even the strongest and steadiest person in the world is having issues of saying no or is letting him*herself get affected by other people. But what if we start with us for a change and before we care for the need of our fellows make sure that things are fine for us? I have once read the lines that if you want to make others happy you have to be happy yourself in the first place when the question was what happiness actually is. And this is just one peace of the whole. You won’t be able to take care of your dear ones in the long-term if you go broken by others for the moment that is why you should take care of yourself first. And to not break a habit here: …this is healthy egoism.

“Beautiful to admire, underestimated but in the end highly dangerous as she is setting up her own rules within the boundaries.”


Miniskirt: Back to Basics

“He was just beaten by a miniskirt (a girl who was wearing one)” – that was hurtful for “him”, I can tell you, literally destructive. So this outfit of mine was inspired by that “miniskirt” a classy icon of our childhood, who is a real lady boss. Beautiful to admire, underestimated but in the end highly dangerous as she is setting up her own rules within the boundaries. That makes her a dangerous enemy yet needed companion.

Miniskirt style jeans edition.
Miniskirt style jeans edition.
Miniskirt style jeans edition.
Details of the miniskirt style.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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