Orange & Black V.S. Powerdressing: Vanilla Ninja

Hello my dear readership,

orange and black versus powerdressing – Vanilla Ninja can do both. Therefore I would like to dedicate this article to four icons from Estonia.

Vanilla Ninja (about which you are constantly reading on this blog like here) have started their career in 2002 – back then with bassist and singer Maarja Kivi (now married Meriste-Kivi) and since 2004 replaced by Triinu Kivilaan. At this time they have probably not been the first girls to let it rock without men by their side in fashion style, music and moreover with their talents to play the corresponding instruments, thinking of the 80s and 90s icons and their understanding of rock. But meanwhile rocking the stage again after more than 15 years (again with Triinu and in between as trio) with the whole package a comeback can contain with a new album, singles, music videos, social media presence and many more being one of a kind counting themselves officially as legendary rightly! Especially because they do not come from the typical country where international stars of such potential are born, in the USA, but being an Estonian export their international success and popularity is of even bigger meaning. Lenna Kuurmaa (vocals and guitar), Piret Järvis-Milder (guitar and background vocals), Katrin Siska (keyboard) and Triinu (bassist and vocals) have always been the female personification of stylish girl power of rock with a bundled load of authenticity – so much that everyone else strove to copy this sovereignty.

Their comeback makes them look as if not a single day has passed at all. However we are all aware that more than a lot has changed. We see it on ourselves. Nonetheless every time I see them I think that mid-30s never looked this alluring and I am literally looking forward to this age thanks to them with all that I have achieved in life and am to achieve in the near future. Even though these ladies do not seem to age for what concerns me I see grown-up, self-confident ladies who achieved to be where they want to be yet celebrate their fabulous passion and deliver us constant fashion inspiration. Vanilla Ninja are not alone on this Olymp but they are doubtlessly pioneers in exquisite stylish fashion with rocky elements each one of these four a big player on her own and on the following here I go with just a bit from the whole palette.

Trend-Item: Shorts

No one has celebrated this trend better than the powerful lady behind the keyboards, Katrin from Vanilla Ninja perfectly showed how to wear black leather shorts. There was hardly an occasion where she missed to wear this style which conjures attractive long legs yet an as long torso. Like this she has combined the trend item with flat Roman sandals and a stylish black blouse. A hot runner as well as cool look. As Katrin is known for her magnifying expression within her natural fresh look the following trend perfectly completes the style.

“[…] every season seems to have its own make-up trend.”


Summer Trend: Orange Make-Up

As I have once stated personally I do not accept hair (concerning cuts and colors) and eye-brow trends. These two things are not a matter of fashion but a matter of personality type. But for what concerns make-up every season seems to have its own make-up trend. As I consider the color of alert, red, too aggressive I absolutely go with the trend of orange for summer as it perfectly resembles the magnificent sunsets of the season. On top in summer we usually go without make-up as the weather and the stirrings conjure us a beautiful facial expression by nature. More than the make-up black may be combined with the color itself in accessories. But if you want to smooth it down and keep it discreet you can as well use the cognac shade, a mix of orange and brown, instead. In this pairing my personal choice would be gold as it does not stand out as much with these shades since gold is close to yellow which however is a neighbor-color to orange.

Trend item shorts worn with a Vanilla Ninja t-shirt and combined with trendy orange make-up.
Trend item shorts worn with a Vanilla Ninja t-shirt and combined with trendy orange make-up.
Trend item shorts worn with a Vanilla Ninja t-shirt and combined with trendy orange make-up.

Powerdressing: Disco, Stilettos & Strong Colors

Powerdressing is the trend that celebrates this summer’s motto “more is more”. Sequins, stilettos strong colors (such as orange) and all possible to put into practice with a very reserved color such as black. But we know that more than a color or a shade black is an attitude and lifestyle that can do anything it wants to with almost its own. This look may not have been mainly have Vanilla Ninja as source of inspiration (but at least the eye-catchers, the stilettos, which guitarist Piret was mainly seen last year) however an as well other Estonian export. Johanna Oden (former Enemaa) from I Wear*Experiment whose main stage outfit was black sequins as college jacket and leggings with a cool t-shirt all over.

Powerdressing with orange make-up all in black with sequins and high heels.
Powerdressing with orange make-up all in black with sequins and high heels.
Powerdressing with orange make-up all in black with sequins and high heels.

My Looks in Details

Look 1:

Look 2 – Powerdressing:

Love, Johanna

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