Nails For Summer-Vacation: Do Beautiful #1

Hello my beloved readership,

my nails for summer-vacation are a matter of beauty. Therefore I want to take up the big campaign of the year by the beauty giant Douglas: Do beautiful.

“Do beautiful” is a campaign that was brought into life by the international beauty company Douglas founded in Germany. The campaign was published at the beginning of May this year and intends to awaken and strengthen the society’s conscience to regard everyone as beautiful with their flaws and diversity and spread less hate but more love. In the frames of this campaign four personalities of this target group have been interviewed and asked different questions concerning beauty and beautiful. I have taken up all these questions and took aim to answer them all for myself along all my upcoming nail articles for this year. See my first answer in the following.

“My inner beauty […] is […] my unconditional love on the one hand and my passion on the other hand.”


What is your Beauty?

For the answer of this question I would like separate between inner and outer beauty:

My outer beauty I lean on my image given by the people that step into my life. They in the first place recognise my heartily smile and utterly would not even let me go without it, which I find pretty funny. Especially my husband, who is mainly the one shooting me for my blog, does not let me not smile on my photos and with him any other photographer and director. My smile is always recognised by people.
The second beauty about me are my eyes. They are very dark brown, big, full of expression and, as someone I used to know once once stated, “full of light”. Anyway also very popular.
My third and last beauty that would be as popular are my full lips. Many women would spend hundreds and thousands of euros on plastic surgery to have such lips (or cheat it with make-up). But I would not need that. A dream for all the make-up artists I worked with.

My inner beauty which is a result of my identity and personal values is I would say my unconditional love on the one hand and my passion on the other hand. People are impressed how much enthusiasm I can put on all the numerous and different things I do, almost like a child. Concerning the love it is shown by a big amount of selflessness and dedication. I do more for others than I would do for myself, always. My husband is one of the people to constantly convince me to do the opposite.

Nails for summer-vacation are French with the pointing and small finger painted in burgundy.
Nails for summer-vacation are French with the pointing and small finger painted in burgundy.

Nails Done By Thanh Nails

I have chosen the nail art for summer-vacation based on the occasions this time is giving me. For four and a half years the high season of summer-vacation between the end of July throughout August means for me my wedding or rather my wedding anniversary. As you might remember (or if you are new to this blog since August 2017 I will repeat it for you) our wedding theme (read about it here) has been purple (my favorite color). Since my husband’s favorite color is blue and this color is close to purple. We had extended the theme to purple-blue-white. I once again would like to remember the majority of our guests sticking strictly to this wedding theme in order to honor us. Such a gesture by my guests at no matter what occasion (birthdays or other parties) is always a big honor, flattering and meaningful to me as it shows the people close to me are thoughtful and considerate about the event I always put a lot of strength in concerning the concept and preparations.

The reason why burgundy occurred is that during this time (earlier but we went to see them during vacation in August) another couple we knew got married whose wedding theme was red-white. As red and purple in the mix become burgundy I have taken the mixed color of both our themes together with white in the most classy way to honor furthermore the bride.

The nail art was once again done by Thanh Nails on the base of powder. For this technique you very properly have to think ahead on which finger you want to have the French-style because the base used is a different.

Love, Johanna

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