Wild Prairie: 10 Recommendations Against The Winterblues

Hello my beloved readers,

off-white – a soft shade of white and shades of beige, the color à la wild prairie, romantic and beautiful is the color of the season! Worn tone in tone in a total look with the it piece-fur coat and woolly clothes bright and conforming it is the perfect occasion to share 10 recommendations against the winterblues with you. Fashion meets nature and you meet the light within the darkness.

1. Turn on the Lights

When it gets dark turn on the lights. Sounds banal? May be! But believe it or not especially in these dark and gloomy times it is the number one recommendation everywhere! It is not about switching on one light in the living-room in the evening when it is dark or keep the dazzling light of your screens working all day long but rather conforming you with stimulating damped lights approaching Christmas and the advent time for example with your decoration everywhere in your house or your apartment already in the very early times of the day as the daylight alone does not make it on its own in the coldest time of the year.

2. Music is the Key

Music on world off. It is medically proven that music has a positive affect on us: it can help us relax from a rage or increases our concentration; already for babies it is the perfect companion to learn, to calm down and to sleep and you find it everywhere to emotionalize human or stimulate a certain situation. Therefore it is no surprise that our generation nearly shouts out loud that music is to be listened loudly and a day without music would be a day lost. These sayings have their legit origin. Music can give you comfort and stimulate you happy in these rather gloomy times, otherwise it can wake you up better than coffee give you positive energy to come through the day.

3. Stay Close to People

In times of law-dictated social distancing allegedly “for the sake of our and our fellows’ health” (you get to hear this nonsense everywhere) this is my answer to that: Not the virus makes the huge damage but what is done in the name of this! It is embarrassing, ridiculous, shortcomings how eyes are closed and things not considered and that suddenly since Corona everything else seems forgotten – just take winter-depression. People need people, people need closeness, a hug, a smile. These are the things that are balm for the soul and the biggest cure. It would not surprise me if people would collect suppressed aggression in addition to their depression.

Let me tell you otherwise this way with a study case from England: There they locked babies in a room and let them cry for a longer time. Do you know what was the result? All those babies died – I do not want to depress you even more I just want to open your eyes – they died because it was figured out that babies need closeness and security.

4. Take Walks Outside

The beauty of the cold season is yet to be discovered, probably every year again as with the coming change of time the days are getting shorter and the mess of going to school/work/university in the dark and returning in the dark begins again. I also do not like to go out when it is raining outside or there is whipping wind around but I do cherish that once I leave home and am on the road outside I immediate get fully awake again. There is not a day when I do not think sad about it how I miss summer when I spent hours outside with my baby boy every day. This is of course not possible in autumn and winter but a turn around your neighborhood for about 15 minutes would do it too for you to return to the cherished warmth.

5. Workout, Baby!

At least as mind-freeing as taking walks outside is actually working out and overexert yourself. Trust me, then you are not going to think of anything bad or depressing anymore because you will be busy enough drinking enough, doing your exercises correctly and counting sets and repetitions. And once this is done and you relaxed from your tough workout you will only be proud and happy about your results. 40 to 60 minutes every day or every two days is recommended.

6. Spoil Yourself with Good Food

No, I do not talk about frustration food here where you mindlessly fill yourself with junk-food and unnecessarily much sugar. Your body would not stand it for long away. I am talking about allowing yourself something once in a while or prepare something yourself and enjoy it well-deserved afterwards. Apart from that, did you know that you can perfectly enjoy yourself with low or let us say controlled carbs, good home cooking and healthy food? Not only you will be and feel more beautiful and sexy inside out but healthy food is a natural satisfaction and mood-booster. The same works with a relaxing tea.

7. Sleeping Beauty

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything.”, this is what one of my older posts on Instagram says. Sleep is important and essential, after all you also put your phone onto charge again when the battery is low. This is how you could image the process of us human beings as well. Once you do not sleep well you tend to start into the day with aggression and a bad mood, let go of being more powerless. During the winter time, doctors say that we are more tired anyway and if we add lacking sleep to that your productivity even for the most simple things will be zero. See it the positive way: if you get 7-8 hours of sleep daily this will help you maintain or gain a beautiful slim shape and healthy body besides from the workout and healthy eating.

8. Back to TV

You are not a series-junkie or a movie-enthusiast? Do not worry, you will become one at a certain stage of your life. Mine started latest with motherhood – did I mention that within the first year of motherhood I watched approximately eight series? I must say that meanwhile I appreciate this kind of companion which allows you to escape sad reality for a certain time and get yourself into the mood of the series or the movie. And who knows? Maybe the one or other character can leave its trace on you and inspire you.

9. Grab out your Hobbies

Spending more time at home because of the cold or the absolute darkness taking place earlier leaves us more time for something that happened to become an almost forgotten old love: hobbies. Drawing, writing, gaming or something else? What is it you loved to do most before you lost time for it? When we dedicate ourselves to our hobbies it does not only awake feelings of nostalgia in us which already is something absolutely positive – because otherwise the good old times would not be called good old times – furthermore when we have a hobby and dedicate ourselves to it we need concentration to produce something good or because it demands our concentration. Like this we will not have time allow any depressing or negative feelings or thoughts. When you take your time for your hobby you should dedicate yourself to it anyway with your full attention.

10. Wellness Sessions

I know, this one is hard, and no, I do not mean this anyhow sarcastic, I swear it. But as a hard-working workaholic I am simply not used to sleep long, go to bed in time or take enough breaks. All I am constantly thinking about is “What is there to do? What needs to be done when and how urgent?”, therefore the sentence “Johanna, sit down and take a break” is really demanding to me. I simply feel uncomfortable with it until my body pretty much forces me to sit down and take a break and here is the catch: fitness is important but an important part of fitness is doubtlessly wellness. Wellness is not a sign of laziness but furthermore an act of care towards our body and our soul. For our inner peace it is essential to take enough breaks during the day before your body collapses and your soul will be thankful for that. Within the constant rush there is nothing more important than to slow down, forget about time and space and just relax the thoughts and charge new positive energy.

We Need Both Light and Dark

If there was no darkness we would not cherish the light. We need both light and dark in order to understand and grow over ourselves. Life is a roller coaster, sometimes we go up and sometimes it goes down. So does the year, the weather, the time and the further it goes the paradox it is: while in summer we are escaping under the shadows and could live in a refrigerator, we are dependent on the light in winter as our inner clock is in a panicking mess. Do not forget that you have charged positive energy in summer for the upcoming tough winter and that you should just keep going differently making the very best of everything then no sickness in the world can take over you. Because health starts up there in our brains driven by our emotions and mindset.

Off-white à la wild prairie is the white of the season.Off-white à la wild prairie is the white of the season.Off-white à la wild prairie is the white of the season.Off-white à la wild prairie is the white of the season.Off-white à la wild prairie is the white of the season.

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Love, Johanna

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