Color Of The Year (Winter): Orange & The New Classic

Hello my dear readers,

the color of the year for winter is brighter, hotter and anything but typical for this cold season: orange. Let us talk about the color symbolism of orange.

When the color of the year yellow was first dropped at the spring/summer 2020 fashion show of Liz Malraux Couture back in February of this year (oh how I miss these Corona-regulations-free times) you might have thought just like me “okay this will be it!” but as it was as well said that no business is as fast-living as fashion. Talking about Liz Malraux, the designer either set or had seen this trend coming during her autumn/winter 20/21 (exclusive online) fashion show (as new format in the shutdown-era) orange! The designer herself stated that her fashion is to express positiveness in these times and what do I read not long after? The it-color for winter is orange.

Did you know that back then as child between orange and yellow I preferred orange as one of my favorite colors? Meanwhile both share a special place in my heart. But what is special about this color? The designer stated it: Happiness, liveliness, life-affirmation, carefreeness and many more, these are the major expressions of the color orange.

In the first place orange is a force-donator and uplifting, physically as well as psychologically, during exhaustion. Not only donating but also representing vital strength and activity because of its stimulating effect orange is medically used as color-therapy for the activation of one’s own body’s defences and strengthening of the immune system. Therefore it is completely health-supporting. Furthermore pessimism, depression and listlessness are positively affected. The secret lies in the warmth of this color which is responsible for orange inevitably raising the mood. It activates and relaxes everyone who is stuck into the grey everyday life habits.
Physically it is supporting the appetite and whets the digestion so it literally helps us to accept the delight and sensuality

Just like its “relatives” red and yellow orange belongs to the group of warm colors symbolizing optimism and lust for life which it supports as well as trust. The result of this is that our senses for openness and solidarity get activated. Being the color of happiness, the funny one and the company orange lifts security, comfort and emotional warmth. Orange demands us to live the moment and be able to let things go with the flow.

Orange is the color of the little children and of those who want to feel youthful and vital. Besides from the happiness light orange also symbolizes creativity.
In The Buddhism orange symbolizes the highest level of human enlightening therefore the monks are also wearing orange, in addition the skin color orange also goes back to the Indian population which is known to be the healthiest thanks to their main spice turmeric. The shade of saffron is as well considered as orange in India which has the highest place value in their culture on the contrary of white which is the color of sadness however idealized by white-colored folks.
In Ireland orange is the color of the protestants whereas in the Netherlands it symbolizes freedom and is the official color of the nation (the Oranje). In Cuba orange is associated with the happy Samba dance. Last but not least in China orange is worn by the dignitary.

Negative associations might be the loudness of orange, the cheap and the obtrusiveness.

The new Make-Up Classic: Full Marking

This season orange is best combined (and smoothed down) with white and/or black and either worn in accessories or the eye-catchers. The perfect make-up for this look was the new classic which is not about the classy eyeliner above but the full marking up and down.

Orange the color of the year gets combined with black and/or white and the new make-up classic.

Orange the color of the year gets combined with black and/or white and the new make-up classic.

Orange the color of the year gets combined with black and/or white and the new make-up classic.

Orange the color of the year gets combined with black and/or white and the new make-up classic.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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