Trend Black & Purple: YOU Matter

Hello my beloved readership,

we did it! This is the currently celebrated trend black and purple. My absolutely favorite colors are in the spotlight and make me feel like not only I but also YOU matter.

Let me share a little secret with you: This nailart is from February/March and was shot in that period. Did I seen a trend coming back then? Let me recite my respected friend and admired designer Liz Malraux from my recent interview with her: “Oh (my dear readers), if I could be clairvoyant that would be wonderful!” … or not? Thinking of it uncertainty is something fearful but sometimes certainty can be just as fearful, too. Apart from that I do not know what about you but where would our ambition be left if we knew everything already ahead to keep going. Would there still be a sense of life? Let us philosophize about this some other time.

Purple has been popular the passed seasons pretty frequently at least once or twice a year, once with green, one with white, shades of purple – lavender, standing alone and black as most popular color is an all-rounder; a perfect accent, a perfect addition, always appropriate. But this late autumn black and purple are standing together under the spotlight in the world of fashion. Those who know me know that these two colors are my absolutely dream-team. I know of course that the designers that have set this trend did not think of me by furthest when setting this trend yet I am burning of excitement. Perhaps I am not the first and will not be the last one to love this color combination yet it makes me feel special watching this trend in the shop windows everywhere because even if I cannot claim this color-combination for myself and only myself I feel like unconsciously I can leave my traces in this society and this world. I feel like I matter more than ever when something this close to me is widely spread. Perhaps the one or other of you felt this way too when your favorite color or colors were a celebrated trend. Then let me tell you that you have all right to feel this way if you need an occasion to feel like YOU matter because no one else lets you know about it. I matter, YOU matter, we all matter because YOU make things possible, YOU leave your traces in this world. Once your time will come you will know that YOU matter because without YOU something would not be possible. YOU matter because YOU make a contribution. So start feeling like YOU matter because YOU do. All around the year. Throughout your whole life. And even after that.

Nails in black & purple.Nails in black & purple.

Nails Done by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellnes

That time I did my nails the last time at Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness. If I saw that coming? Certainly not! One week later until the last day not even the lockdown. Talking about that it was certainly because of that that the nail studio closed. If I knew I… no, I wouldn’t have done anything different because it was the best visit I could have wished for with my other better half for the best occasion of the year. All that I can say is that I pity a lot that they gave up on their business.

Love, Johanna

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