Stay Cool T + Orsay Reopening

Hey my dear readers,

spring is back in town! Time to blossom up and shine bright in colors. In this occasion I want to present you spring’s very own interpretation of coolness: Stay cool with a cool t-shirt.

I have to start again this way… who does not know this situation? A slip-up happens to take place and all you would wish for is to sink thoroughly… I am feeling this literally on my skin right now. Disagreeable feeling that the opinion on you might change to worse on the one side but it becomes even worse when people start to laugh out loudly. Once when I was a child in 5th or 6th grade exactly this happened: While I was standing a fellow classmate of mine pulled away my chair without me noticing at all even though I was very close… As I wanted to sit down again I thudded directly onto the floor. Not only that had really hurt outside it as well hurt inside as the result was that I was hiding my face burying it into the desk and burst out into tears. What started with the intention of a joke turned out to be a chaos. No one could talk to me at all and my classmate terrified created feelings of guilt. I remember this situation as if it happened just right now. As something very disagreeable first but in the long term as lesson and lecture. After that, I remember I probably never cried this horribly any longer.

If you want to be successful and long-term happy you have to see the future and either change your attitude or not let things happen. Either way you have to come before your fellows. Before they can change their opinion or start putting you into a disagreeable situation by laughing defeat them with a bright laughter.

The probably hardest lesson of childhood becoming adult is to learn humor, furthermore self-humor. It does not have to interest you or anyone else weather they laugh with or about you as long as you are able to laugh about you, your actions to which your slip ups belong as well no one has the capability to put you down anyhow. It is a way of staying cool just more effective as showing a reaction – regardless from what reaction it is – is easier than maintaining a poker face.

“A cool t-shirt is not only about a cool (…) slogan any longer.”
– Fall4Me

Cool Tee, Sweet Like Cherry

From the Tiffany icon Audrey Hepburn we know that “happy girls are the prettiest” and what is the first step to happiness? A sweet smile and a good laughter. Sweet girls are popular all over because in men they awaken the protector-instinct, for elder women they are to fall in love and to fellow girls sweetness is contagious. A sweet taste is more attractive and healthier anyway.

As I grew-up I noticed my brother being very popular, furthermore a party smash. Sometimes I felt like I needed him in order to raise the mood. Just because he was a funny guy out of nature. Throwing one joke after the other out of a sudden and laughing so hard about everything and everyone that questioning was not of importance. I wanted to take that as good example for myself and with time people found me cool just because I was funny.

A cool t-shirt is the cherry blossoms of spring fashion. But a cool t-shirt is not only about a cool catchy slogan any longer. You do not have to take yourself or others too serious, not even in means of fashion. Take it playful and make t-shirt with different prints to the new cool tee of the year.

A cool t-shirt worn in a rocky version with ankle boots and denim jacketA cool t-shirt worn in a rocky version with ankle boots and denim jacketA cool t-shirt worn in a rocky version with ankle boots and denim jacketA cool t-shirt worn in a rocky version with ankle boots and denim jacketA cool t-shirt worn in a rocky version with ankle boots and denim jacket

Orsay-Mönckebergstraße Reopening

You are best dressed if you stick to the dress code. If there is no dress code adapt to the event or label. Good fashionistas adapt to their surrounding yet that does not necessarily exclude to stay true to your style. For the reopening of the Orsay store in Hamburg-City Mönckeberg-street I am going to wear one of the celebrated trends by Orsay based on a popular t-shirt by Orsay. Since I am not going to attend to the opening party in the night I keep my outfit rather suitable to everyday-life yet trendy. I know, you caught me that pants do not belong to my basic shopping outfit and even though I am sure there is going to be extra discount to celebrate this huge event I am not planning to shop and try on a lot as I have shopped a lot online during the renovation which has been during exact the same time as my stay in hospital and the maternal leave afterwards.

The Orsay shopping bag
A shopping-bag as gift in occasion to the reopening.

My Look in Details

  • Denim jacket by Q/S designed by s.Oliver
  • Cherry T-shirt by Orsay
  • Faux leather pants by s.Oliver RED Label
  • Ankle boots by s.Oliver BLACK Label

Love, Johanna

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