Pastels, Please!

Hello my dear readership,

pastels, please! Whether shade on shade or rather as monochrome all-over-look, discreetly combined with white or as color palette, in the middle of spring we cannot come past pastel. Following the “P-“tradition, pastels make us pretty, everyone of us. Read more about it and how this can be projected on typically us in the following.

Love hits us like a lightning. While at first we do not know how to handle the created feelings for someone – or as well something – once we realize it we grow a passion and cannot get the concerned target out of our heads. It is like a drug that is boosting and does us good. The more time passes the less we can live without it and madly ask for it at every second of our lives and the only word that remains is “please”.

At the right place on the right time. Sometimes love alone is not enough but the certainty that what we love fits in perfectly and becomes the savior of the day. After all love and passion would just be half complete if we could not show off and brag about it at the time when it could not be better.

Finally we cannot let go, we cannot, we do not want to and we are not going to let go. Why should we let go something that is perfect for even if it does not gather everything that the world and life has to offer us in it but just… – let us say – 30 per cent? Because we do not need everything at every time. We just need what is right for that time and the security that it is always going to be there for us whenever we need it.

A part of us we cannot let go. But who knows? Maybe one day it is going to stay forever.

“Pastels [are] like our first love, something we will never forget.”
– Fall4Me

Not without Pastels!

The pastels-trend of spring is like our first love, something we will never forget furthermore let go off. It will always have its firm place in our heart and as we turn we will always get back to it just like we are falling in love with pastels in spring every time anew.

Have you ever been asked what you love more, either… or…? If yes, what is it you have answered? From the very beginning we have kind of been lectured to make a choice between things and set a ranking as if it there would exist an unwritten rule to set different things equal.

The best lecture, however, made a wise father of four. He answered to his children when having been asked that he loves none of them the most but loves all of them equally but differently. Each child has had a character trait what for it has been specially loved.

No matter how we combine and wear them we love pastels and pastels love us. We from colorful to discreet pastels flatter everyone and even if in their simplicity they seem the same, each pastel-color has a different character with a different story to tell.

The pastel palette combined with whiteThe pastel palette combined with whiteThe pastel palette combined with whiteThe pastel palette combined with whiteThe pastel palette combined with whiteThe pastel palette combined with whiteThe pastel palette combined with whiteThe pastel palette combined with white

My Look In Details

  • Summer cardigan by L&B
  • Blouse by Clockhouse / C&A
  • Treggings by Vero Moda
  • Flats by walkx women
  • Earrings by Accessorize
  • Handbag by Topteam München
  • Bracelet by Perfumery Schuback
  • Watch by Wempe
  • Lipstick by Christian Dior
  • Eye-shadow by Chanel Cosmetics

Love, Johanna

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