Clear Blue On Starlight: Outstanding

Hello my readers,

within the mass a strong, matte clear blue on starlight stands out, but does that actually match? Counterquestion: does it matter? It is outstanding.

Do not ask me please what had been going on on my mind when I chose to bring together what does actually not belong together at the slightest… [You cannot see me shrug with my glance right now]. The truth is, I do not remember anymore, perhaps there was a trend in fashion or beauty I wanted to present you in my very own interpretation or maybe this blue was one of the new colors I could not wait to try out while I also wanted something else… maybe this was it… certainly it was, I am pretty sure. But do you know what? In the means of gel nails you would need to choose wisely because once you have them you would need to live with them for four to six weeks and for what concerns me I am too shy to ask if they could change the color once the work is done (apart from that you have to hurry at a certain point as time is rare commodity as mother).

“This is the occasion and this is the time to be the very exception in a positive admirable way.”
– Fall4Me

But never mind, perhaps this is the occasion and this is the time to be the very exception in a positive admirable way also known as being outstanding. Standing out of the mass being requiring getting used to but still being beautiful; this is the meaning of outstanding. Last but not least it is the courage to be different of convictions yet loved for what we are or what is the outcome; simply outstanding. Stealing the show in a modest way without the intention to steal it while being simply oneself; this is what it means to be outstanding. Being notable and never forgotten because one is outstanding. Being something special within each of these special beings, outstanding.

We see, being outstanding has many facets which leads to one and the same in the end being outstanding. Either you are outstanding because you simply are or you standing out differing from the mass you find yourself in or are individually made outstanding because someone sees this positive exception in you and the impact you hold to those who find you outstanding.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel to be outstanding sometimes and basically the secret is to simply be yourself. Be yourself and convert common things to your very own interpretation. If everyone is outstanding no one is going to be outstanding? That is the wrong way of thinking! Firstly because not everyone would be as outstanding as you and secondly not everyone is outstanding to everyone and does not even have to be! Being yourself is not trying to impress someone, if competition grew into your mind then you cannot be outstanding anymore at all.

Last but not least the reason for you getting noticed in the mass is may not be a positive one according to the one or other but it does not matter because what may seem ugly, distasteful, annoying or bad to them may be significant and beautiful to one other.

Starlight nails with one matte clear blue on the ring finger nailStarlight nails with one matte clear blue on the ring finger nailStarlight nails with one matte clear blue on the ring finger nail

Special Technique by Mai Nails

As I told you in my first post about this nail art (back then I called it aurora borealis) it requires more time, effort, skill and material which is the reason why it is more expensive than a simply naildo with gel for example so once I have a discount of 30 per cent after every fifth visit and 50 per cent after every tenth visit I use the discount to spoil myself with some outstanding nails.

Huge thanks to Mail Nails and Wellness!

Love, Johanna

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