Stripes – Everybody’s Darling

Hello my beloved readership,

stripes are everybody’s darling in the means of fashion. A trend that has launched at least since 2011 and ever since does not want to leave. So it is with everybody’s darling in society. You cannot abandon someone who goes well with the majority in general. What this means you are going to read in the following.

I belong to the kind of people who are looking for the mistake in themselves first. But this is not the free ticket for others to put all the blame on me or my fellows, especially if I and people like me generally get along well and peacefully with others – regardless from if the kindness is unconditional and purely comes from one’s heart or for a certain reason. Feelings of all kinds are contagious – as it has already been said in the holy bible “one reaps what one sows” – so it should be no surprise that kindness is usually returned with kindness.

“Do not give up until having tried it.”
– unknown

Furthermore than looking for the mistake in me I as well belong to this kind of people who get their ambition to keep on going from the mantra of not giving up until you have tried it. In this case I even try more than once and again and again (probably some times too much) until I finally realize that there is nothing to rescue. This concerns people and things that are deeply dear to me and even then I resist to entirely let go. There is hardly anything I cannot not forgive.

Everybody’s darling is everybody’s darling because it meets people with kindness, openness and a best-friend-mentality. Everybody’s darling shows closeness and access. But unfortunately not everyone can deal with such a darling. An everybody’s darling can quickly be seen competition and incur hatred which comes among others out of jealousy.

Always remember that no matter what may happen and what kind of people you may come across in your life, do not put yourself down once it is different, once your kindness is not returned but your kind personality turned into a monster, you yourself start to get disgusted by. The people who cannot deal with your kindness and cannot be as good as you are do not see another way than knocking you out with this.

Stripes – Came To Stay

Stripes are everybody’s darling in the world of fashion. Approachable, suitable for every style from elegant to sporty and every person because stripes are individual yet in all their different ways stripes go well together which is fully accurate. The mix makes it!

Stripes – pattern have never been this popular for all kinds of people, even among fashion legends such as Coco Chanel. She was the first one to include stripes into her fashion collection. While stripes have come and gone, at least since last year stripes came to stay. So it is with me and I want to encourage everyone else who is an everybody’s darling. Once we are here we are going to stay and not let anyone hound us out only because they cannot handle us while others can with our rough edges immediately or after more attempts. If it works with the majority some single handful of people do not matter at all. We came to stay.

Stripes classy styled for a city chicStripes classy styled for a city chicStripes classy styled for a city chicStripes classy styled for a city chicStripes classy styled for a city chicStripes classy styled for a city chicStripes classy styled for a city chicStripes classy styled for a city chic

My Look in Details

  • Striped pullover with pearls and striped pants by Zara
  • Open Cardigan by Orsay
  • Boots by Buffalo
  • Handbag by Lauren Ralph Lauren
  • Sunglasses by BeYu
  • Lipstick by DM Trend IT UP

Love, Johanna

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