Magenta & Purple: Missed Chances

Hello my beloved readership,

whether it was words unspoken, pictures not taken or thoughts not thought through – missed chances have accumulated quite a lot in the last year and so they kept a purple like me unite better with cherry magenta who is basically not any different from me but in her very own style.

The ending of an old year and the beginning of a new year is the time of unlimited chances. What we did not achieve we are going to strongly and more actively work on the year coming living according to the motto “better later than never”.

“The moment not taken and time lost is a chance missed for something good or meaningful.”
– Fall4Me

There surely is something about this motto but how do you know it is not too late and even if it would never be too late is it not time wasted when we are stubborn, do not face our shadow declining to take the first step or take time for things that are important to us such as  working on our interpersonal relations. Either way the moment not taken and time lost is a chance missed for something good or meaningful.

Life hits you like a lightning – unforeseen, suddenly and quick with traces left probably forever. You might never get another chance to make up the missed chance apart from sadness and gaps in your heart.

Sometimes you have to force others to their luck or rather you have to force others to your happiness. Fight against all complaints when they resist to do something that is fun or a beautiful memory in the end. Fight against your mind which might be a barrier to you when you start thinking about how others would react once you suggest something and most important fight all kinds of comfort and laziness. Later on you still have enough time to be lazy and comfortable apart from the fact that you are spending at least one third of your life with that anyway.

Of course, like batteries and machines need a charge so do you but do it as a kind of preparation or give all to deserve it in the end because when your soul is restless your body is never going to find its rest.

Cherry magenta and damped purple nails for autumn

Nails Done by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

In case you like the photo I have taken by my nails in the very last last minute before they were changed I must say that I feel very honored and flattered about it. In fact, I was wrestling with myself sitting in the nail studio whether to still take a photo or just let it be since it would have not been worth while at all…

I have to admit that I was not 100 per cent satisfied with my nail-do this time. Originally I had chosen a little stronger shade of cherry magenta for my nails since, strong or damped, this color has been a runner-up autumn-color anyway.
I really needed lots of concentration and time to find the perfect cherry magenta. The more I was disappointed when I was told that the color I had chosen was almost empty so that I was forced to pick an alternative.

The result was obvious but I pulled myself together just for any case to take this photo of my nails since after all those missed chances of this year I feared that otherwise I would have been down more than I already was.

Thanks to Thanh Mail Nails & Wellness anyway! I would come back every time anew despite the little dissatisfactions.

Love, Johanna


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