Trend Sneaker & THE Eye-Shadow: Under Value

Hello my beloved readership,

blue is the new beige and based on this color I present you the trend sneakers 2021 and how to combine it with THE eye-shadow to wear this season.

Have you ever sold yourself under your value in order not to seem arrogant, perhaps… during a job-interview? Let me tell you you are quickly going to regret it. That is why these times are over! Skip that and do not and never sell yourself under your value again. Give more, give a lot and give the most you can. Do not let anyone who may think that they may have more experience and with that more skills than you put down your skills and your value. If you have good skills and if you have faith in them stay true to them and do not be shy about them. I know that self-confidence may not always seem like the right path as it can come along pretty fierce and aggressive but at times this uplifting attitude happens to be the most underestimated but yet most appropriate habit.

No matter where you stand your insecurity will be sensed always by everyone and everything but more important than that is that you should never remain in regrets about not having done anything or not having done the right thing. Mark my words: it is not always that you are going to be given a second chance to set things right.

Trend: High Top Sneakers instead of Ugly Sneakers

Ugly sneakers… my good old friends I never want to rebuild my friendship with. When I was wearing them in 2003 and could not get them off my feet because with flared jeans I felt like my beloved Bratz Girls everyone pointed at me in a shocked way asking what the hell of shoes these are! Now the roles had changed, until now. The ugly sneakers are gone as for many years sneakers were a closed chapter for my feet except from one model that had maintained its place: high sneakers. Our idolized fancy sneakers which we have admired from animes. As some years ago I had thrown my old pair away not I had to buy almost identical ones as this was the only sneaker trend I could not go without. My suggestion is to wear them with skinnies or maximum ankle lengths so that they can shine in their whole beauty.

Colorful Lids: The Eye-Shadow

Show me your eyes, baby. Colorful eye-shadows are a highly celebrated spring- or rather pre-summer-trend. Thereby you are completely free in your choice of color. I have chosen blue today to match the only color I have included in this look as splash of color in my otherwise discreet look to put the focus on my shoes.

Trend sneaker worn in a simple look.
Trend sneaker worn in a simple look.
Trend sneaker worn in a simple look.
Trend sneaker worn in a simple look.
Trend sneaker worn in a simple look.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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