Stripes In Shades Of Brown: Told You So

Hello my dear readership,

you are running a war with yourself because people are trying to convince you of something to give you hope and make you see the good in something you see nothing good in at all. You want to believe in it but you know it is not going to happen.

Once you get an announcement – may it be to the most approximate – you know that actually you do not have any time for it at all but you would take your time because it has its importance, if not for you, then for someone you love way too much in order to throw it away just like that.
You are completing your to-dos quickly – perhaps with a brief kind of pressure – and every time it rings you are expecting the situation to take place but it does not because deep inside, with all the bad experiences you have had with it even though you want to trust the people you love and that something you need to confront yourself with, you knew it was not going to take place. In the end you were right, nothing took place, nothing but the discussions you told about. Can you relate with such a situation?

“Dare to trust but […] do not get broken on it!”
– Fall4Me

You have the right to say the four words: I told you so. Dare to trust but make sure in the first place that you do not get broken on it! Stay realistic and live on. If it takes place then certainly unpredicted. It will keep you from breaking and being stopped. Take over your good intuition by distracting yourself.

Told you so: Trend colour brown

The female intuition is a dangerous thing. Personally, I believe that I have my sharply-sensed one from my mother. It never betrays me. As I knew that some situations are not going to take place I knew that one day sooner or later shades of brown are going to become a trend colour even though it would not have to be at all since it is a perfect alternative for black. But mark my words: Do we all not know? In every realism there is a little bit of belief in it, so stay realistic in every way you can.

Brown striped jersey bodycon dress lookBrown striped jersey bodycon dress lookfall4me-told-you-soBrown - a trend color to be

My Look in Details

  • Striped jersey bodycon dress by Get It On
  • Leather bracelet by Douglas
  • Ankle boots by C&A

Love, Johanna

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