Black & Rose: Kindness Is Returned With Kindness

Hello my beloved readership,

“I can be friends with the whole world. My recipe? Just being kind.”

Some call it (good) karma, the others call it Kant’s maxim (“Treat people the way you want to be treated.”)… we have many terms for it but in the end it gets back to one and the same: life is a boomerang – everything you give will come back to you. So goes the common sense.

“Positive vibes are popular!”
– Fall4Me

Apart from it being an elementary given manner to be polite and kind in order to leave a good first impression to others positive vibes are popular! In a world full of war and being self-centered looking for proper profits more and more people are gathering together to celebrate happiness and love for the sake of peace – almost like hippies did just a few decades ago. Some people even play kind in order to gain benefits from others – however this should not be the (usual) agenda!

Asking in another way what other reason you have to act different in the at the first sight? Meeting a person for the first time you do not even know that person and furthermore should not meet your kind with prejudices.

People are looking and longing for love because not always things are going round. You might not solve all the person’s problems by being kind but at least you are able to cause a miracle to that person and everybody else around you if you just walk the world smiling.

Marks of kindness are not only a gift but at least as well contagious! (Seriously, I have never met a person that does not love gifts). Give a little bit of kindness and you will be surprised how fascinating you may be to people. Being thoughtful and kind to care what is on people’s mind you might be able to close an everlasting friendship with people you would dream of just even greet them briefly by hand.

The recipe is simple and does not cost a lot even though it is highly precious. Kindness. Whenever you smile to the world the world will be yours! Even if you do not feel like smiling, trust me, do it. You are will be wearing the strongest of weapons on you and drive your enemies crazy of anger if you need something to laugh. But kindness is as well the most effective of remedies.

Fall4Me winter trend black and roseFall4Me winter trend black and roseFall4Me winter trend black and rose

Fall4Me winter trend black and roseFall4Me winter trend black and rose

My Look In Details

  • Knit jacket by C&A
  • Shirt from Clockhouse by C&A
  • Faux-leather leggings by s.Oliver
  • Overknee boots by C&A
  • Lipstick “Bois de Rose” by Pierre Ricaud
  • Eye-shadow “Pink Lagoon” by Chanel
  • Necklace by SIX

Love, Johanna


  1. […] Whenever a wish is spoken out by your fellow or not even though it is seen or recognized by you reproduce his or rather her yearning and state realizing you would like to be treated the same good way when being in need. The person whom you make a wish come true does not need to turn you the favor exactly the same way. Sometimes a thankful and endlessly happy person as result is worth more than any gift or favor in the world! After all you should have faith in life blessing you with good for your charity sooner or later. The more often you do charity to others the more your blessing will grow and be remarkable since good is always going to be returned with good. […]


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