Black Suit With Petrol-Blue Turtleneck: Ever Heard Of Compromises?

Hello my dear readership,

“yes! A compromise is an agreement through mutual concessions!”, such answers to questions if people have every heard of a certain word makes me just see that someone has learned the dictionnary pretty well. But that is basically it. Knowing the meaning of a word by its definition and knowing how to use this word in practise are definitely two hugely different things. Having this in mind, have you ever went into a compromise?

Our pride makes us become liars as we do not like to admit our weaknesses or suffer a defeat when we are not right unlike someone else. So does no one like to be guilty for something or having to be of regret for something. You think it could not be worse? It can, as worse is to be blamed by someone when we do not want to confess our guilt. But the worst thing is to be blamed by someone if we are aware of no guilt.

“Is it (…) worth it to destroy the relationship with an important person?”

But is it really worth it to stay an impenetrable shield of pride if the prize you pay is running danger to destroy the relationship with an important person in your life? At the first sight you might seem that your fellow person is not important to you at all – perhaps you might just not be able to handle conflict-situations when being confronted with them regardless how you seem to others from the outside. You do not have to put yourself down to attract compliments. Also you do not have to stay silent to please anyone but a golden middle is the base of every good or at least working relationship. It means for two people to adapt to each other and find a way without throwing away one’s own values.

If you would have ever heard of compromises you would have been able to jump out of your routine of (petit bourgeois) narrow-mindedness. You do the same with your business style when replacing the blouse in your suit with a rollneck in order not to harm yourself by freezing and catching a cold when the lower degrees are taking over inside out. You think keeping yourself from compromises will not harm you anyhow? Trust me, no matter what kind of person you are you will stay sad with the result of a completely broken relationship. Therefore go into compromises and live with and for them.

Closer look of the winter business outfitBlack suit boots and a turtleneckA business outfit with a turtleneck for winterA business outfit with a turtleneck for winter

My Look in Details

  • Suit by CN Direct
  • Pants by Betty Barclay
  • Turtleneck by C&A
  • Boots by Buffalo
  • Chain Necklace by SIX

Love, Johanna


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