Navy In Black & Red: The New Navy

From the already famous navy style of blue and red since 2014 we have learned that a sailor would never leave his sinking ship. Now the navy in black and red – the new navy – is going deeper and teaching us the meaning thoughts of this sailor

A sailor will mever leave his sinking ship. He would rather go down with it than letting anyone separate him and his one and only love, his life work, his ship which is so holy to him. It is a love that no one will ever understand, just support when they admire it. But a sailor will always get to be confronted with an opponent, that will shoot bombs to just watch it go under (whatever the motivation and the circumstances for that may be). Nevertheless a sailor is a fighter, especially when having gone through blood and black holes and he will recklessly shoot back just because the scars are lying deep and lying forever from the fight he went through to get where he is at this point.

The new navy of black and red is rougher, sharper, stronger, from the contrasts as well as from the colors. It has no mercy for opponents and knows no laughter for jokes on cost of something holy to it. This trend does not even leave any space for other opinions, you can agree or disagree – it will just take its respectful distance from the ones disagreeing. But beware and be careful from more repetitions if you do not want to awaken the aggression that can rise from the hurt and scars. This love of the new navy is a love under deep hurts and a white spark of hope that has kept the sailor going right in the middle of the hardest stones – a place when he was about to almost end it because he could not take it anymore.


My Look In Details:

  • Blazer by New Look
  • Striped t-shirt by H&M
  • Pants by C&A
  • High heels by Graceland from Deichmann
  • Shopper by Douglas
  • Necklace and bracelet by s.Oliver
  • Watch by Wempe

Love, Johanna


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