Skyblue And Pink: Be Authentic!

“You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”, this is what John Mason has taught us. On the other hand however “world is full of recycled ideas”, as one of my dear ones Sapphireverie correctly stated and I want to add that only because an idea was inspired somewhere else it does not have to mean that it is a cheap copy just like my today’s style of skyblue and pink. Be authentic: between discovering and inspiration

She stole it, he copied it, they revamped it! – It seems to lie in the air or be a psychological phenomenon that people prefer a negative impression first before rethinking and understanding that the world is turning in a circle when ideas get adopted or trends relived or rather rediscovered but no one would accept that things we get into leave enough space for more than just one person. All that it takes is to get into it or adopt it from the bottom of your heart so that others buy you that. Buying that you really support what you are – let us call it – selling, no matter if you wear it, like it or use it. Being authentic is not a matter of training but the complete opposite: not training at all and shine in what you take. Being authentic is the epitome of comfort zone. All you need to remember is to do it with heart. If you do not do it with heart, do not do it at all, as well as if you do not support it do not do it because someone tells you to do it.

On the other hand a discovered idea extended can be simply seen as inspiration. We have to go out and discover to reinvent the world. One day things will reach its limits and then we have to be creative enough to reinvent a thought and enrich the community with it. What works good for one thing can as well work for anything else when adapted. To tell you a secret if you meet a lot of different people in your everyday-life you eventually learn to see through a person if the one is feeling comfortable with something or not or – in the worst case – adopts it to be under a better light.

To portray it better to you I would like to tell you about a personal example: actually I do not like pink at all and try to replace it with purple as good as I can. I as well did not recognize turquoise or rather skyblue as major spring or rather pre-summer trend after the bunch of blue trends from the beginning of this year but as I saw the two together on the April issue of the Estonian fashion magazine MOOD [English: Fashion] and in addition got enchanted of my idol’s Piret Järvis’ smile I have extended the idea and created a gamut of two strong and shiny colors which would be more of a warm-season-trend to which as well the rose studded bracelet by BornPrettyStore led me. Such a strong pink that tends to magenta is more of my liking and looks good on me, does it not?J


My Look In Details:

  • Denim shirt by Clockhouse from C&A
  • Denim pants by Vero Moda
  • Boots by Belmundo
  • Shopper by Douglas
  • Stud earrings by H&M
  • Watch by Dolce & Gabbana
  • Lipstick by P2
  • Rose Studded Bracelet by BornPrettyStore

Love, Johanna

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