Sporty Elegance: Athleisure

Hello my beloved readers,

you live and learn – it belongs to life like fine feathers make fine birds, love towards elegance, black or sneakers. Today we learn that sporty outfits are not only suitable for everyday life, they even are suitable for everyday life in an elegant and noble way. Mark the name for this trend of suitable for everyday life and sporty elegance: Athleisure

We, the new, modern generation, are known to step out of line – the straight thinking, try out unusual things and actually find liking on it. Something that conservatives would certainly be shocked about. But if we were not this way sporty elegance would have probably never established and now is celebrated as one of the most popular trends in the fashion scene – even by the great designers – sometimes a touch too much for my taste. For example: I would never accept a suit or a beautiful dress be worn with sneakers. Nevertheless a far-from-sporty-fashion-person such as myself has learned about the trend called Athleisure, in other words when sporty clothes get suitable for everyday life, and more or less fallen for it.

Learning is trying, trying is facing our shadow of short-mind. We may be conceited, that is our justified and forgiven nature, but since everyone is connected to everyone, according to the modern democracy- and freedom theoretics, people make people, what for we should allow ourselves to be open for new. We should learn new good traits from others and learn to become a better person than we already are. Connected with this we have to learn that we are not perfect and yet to form ourselves to a perfect being. Learning is one of the most important things to humanity and life, school is not a duty for no reason after all, but we learn about the real important things from our fellows, situations and our surroundings – so every day. Having this in mind my personal conclusion is: A day without learning is a day lost and wasted!


My Look In Details:

  • Jumpsuit by Clockhouse from C&A
  • Vans by s.Oliver RED Label
  • Lipstick by Calvin Klein
  • Bracelet and necklace by Douglas
  • Earrings by BornPrettyStore
  • Watch by Wempe

Love, Johanna


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