Blue Is The New Beige: Keep In Mind

Hello my dear readership,

blue is the new beige because this summer we want to be noticed and reach upon our horizons. But in this euphoric breakout there is something we should keep in mind.

“Damn now!”, this is utterly the motto under which I experience my fellow suppressed and emotionally as well as psychologically damaged adults to break out of their (mainly parental or rather maternal) chains to finally live their own life, reach for their own fortune and develop to the full. I am afraid they have misunderstood my advice to not go insane because of insane people (dear mothers around 50 and 60, do not get me wrong, you do have your hardships and experiences and have also taken your damages from this but wholesale I have no other on-point expression for this). And excusing myself here we are: my dear fellow adults utterly fighting to found their own life and live it(!), I may have said this and I do still encourage you to take your healthy distance for your own sake (trust me, I have already dealt with it!) but know that there is always worse than your case. Also take into consideration that whether or not you have a corresponding diagnosis there is a health disease. Therefore finally your chain-holders are not your deadly enemies so do not treat them recklessly as you do. Keep that in mind. Keep in mind that not always things are meant literally as they are said. Keep in mind to look around what your experienced fellows have gone through and listen to their advices. Take them into consideration. I am urging you to do so. Keep in mind that your case may probably not be as horrible as one you have heard from when you do not know details such as thoughts and feelings. Just keep in mind. Be considerate and do not regard everything as black as it seems. Life does not need to be as radical as you would probably wish to because it seems easy. The horizon is blue and blue this time took the place of the calmness.

“[…] Why separating when both make the perfect combination”


Mini-Dresses & Dancing-Skirts all in Blue

Mini-dresses and dancing skirts – why separating when both make the perfect combination especially with this electrifying new beige? After all a dress is also no more than a matching top and skirt. Whoever watched the corresponding episode of the German start-up show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (the German version of the investment show “Shark Tank”) knows that whoever claims to have an innovating idea of a dress that can be separated in the middle will be left without a deal as this is nothing more than a top and a skirt according to the queen of the tele-shopping Judith Williams. But I am drifting apart. This summer calling for celebrating life in the means of fashion does not seem to want a calm and reserved colour such as beige even though it is a very noble colour to wear and one of my personal favourite fashion colours which I do not hesitate to wear from head to toe being inspired by royals, rich and beautiful such as Duchess Catherine. Therefore I has chosen a nearly all over blue look with a dress I have not worn for a longer while. This is how you suddenly revive your old gold.

A mini-dress with a dancing skirt in the new beige blue.
A mini-dress with a dancing skirt in the new beige blue.
A mini-dress with a dancing skirt in the new beige blue.
A mini-dress with a dancing skirt in the new beige blue.
A mini-dress with a dancing skirt in the new beige blue.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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