Nail Art in Navy & Metallic: Resistant

Hello my beloved readership,

navy and metallic, the two most popular ones among the colours are back as a celebrated trend. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give in to certain unpopular opinions.

The world is full enough with fools who feel it to be their duty to raise their voice about anything in the most reckless way – obviously (in public), straight out (which is not always a virtue), without thinking – a fury. As if they were alone in the world, the world would be turning only around them or as Materia raps it in their song ‘El Presidente’: “Zodiac sign: Elephant, the world is porcelain”. The ones suffering most are the people with a big pure heart who let things get too much into them because they are holding dear values such as justice, rightness or compassion. But but interpersonal life sadly is not that easy let go rational. Ever since I believe that there is a reason for everything (read about it here) I observe and study human behaviour, nearly as a detective out of passion. I want to understand the background of why people are acting the way they do (especially hateful ones) without immediately branding them (which is not my style anyway). I do not even take aim or hold the believe to change anyone (especially not any far-from-reality-fool) but at least I could change my behaviour towards them and give my people the advice to do the same: be resistant towards the speech you receive and do not let it get too much into your heart. In the most probability you will not be able to change anyone anyway let go come further with rational moralistic values with them. For these people this would only be a sign of weakness which you are definitely NOT! But they will not understand it. Therefore keep your knowledge about them in mind and act smart for yourself.

Nail art in navy and metallic.
Nail art in navy and metallic.

Oops… I did it again. A recidivist, well almost. While four years ago I went with a metallic main player with a softer blue adopting the purity of the New Year (reread the article here) now in summer I go certainly harder, darker and more resistant. Like this I nearly insisted, softly but certainly to my dear stylists from Thanh Nails to bring on the darkest of blue they have so that we get this trendy navy shade. Even if that meant to put on one more layer of the lacquer. When we have pure colors as trend alerts I prefer to use them on my nails especially when as full time mom/wife/sister/daughter and student I do not get to always shoot an outfit or make up. On top a nail art always holds a certain corresponding message.

Thanks to the staff of Thanh Nails for the effort. Visit them at Lange Reihe 1-5 near the central station of Hamburg.

Love, Johanna

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