Knit-Dress for Spring: Got To Know You

Hello my beloved readership,

a knit-dress for spring is one of our favorites for the upcoming season.Check here how to combine it and about its benefits in the transition time.

(Even though after the most recent happenings I am lost of heart to write about this topic I am going to pull myself together.)

How long does it take to get to know a person and close a relationship with this one? Well if there are no disturbing influences about one month. If there are disturbing influences not even five years or let us say an eternity would have probably been enough. A handful of you knows about the case – whom and what I mean – some others can guess it. But even if you could not it does not matter because this can happen to all of us. Suddenly words like “you are never going to become (best) friends” do not sounds as hopeless anymore. Back to the origins: do you know this feeling when you see a person and just by the sight you feel or sense that this person is going to have a very special place in your life and heart? The person I am talking about one of this type.

Thus the one or other freak-out and disappointment I could not give up on this person. Whether I have stuck to a dream longed for to come true? Probably not because we are differently the same. I get convinced of that and feel it again and again. That is why I stick to this person. This is what I can tell for sure and after a certain kind of break we suddenly get along pretty well and trouble-free with each other. Is the reason that I changed my attitude (read about it here)? No, because I have not changed my character or thrown my brain or principles off board. All I wonder is why now and not earlier? Was the price of the steps taken earlier really necessary? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that I had got to know you, personally and directly with patience not by what I hear from others.

“Do not trust the rays of sun easily.”


Trend Dresses for Spring

Knit-dresses are one of the top five must-have dresses this season. In times when we are at least twice as afraid of sicknesses and over-simplify even a plain sneeze or “working” nose as the infamous SARS-CoV-2 it is important to keep a common sensed mind and remember basics to keep health besides from exaggerated disinfecting and masks: transition times (between winter and spring – especially when before the official beginning suddenly there appear to be single days superwonderful almost like summer in between – and summer to autumn) are the most dangerous times when we are most likely to get sick (yes, I know you do not like hearing about this but you will have to). If you do not dress appropriately cover your neck, your kidneys as well as your ankles properly which are the most sensitive parts of your body and most responsible for you to get sick.

Also as my mother always says: do not trust the rays of sun easily. You have to approach weather as you would approach a person to get along well in the long term.

A black fine-knit dress in black with pumps.
A black fine-knit dress in black with pumps.
A black fine-knit dress in black with pumps.
A black fine-knit dress in black with pumps.
A black fine-knit dress in black with pumps.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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