My Destroyer Of Dreams: Time To Blossom

Hello my beloved readership,

spring is the time to blossom: read in the following how to style the flower trend into an ultimate unbeatable look and what shoes celebrate a comeback.

No one can actually hurt you. Apart from the people that are closest to you. Whether it is about betrayal – the knife into you back – hurtful words spoken out of the need of belief in someone. Not those outside the circle define your success because they do not matter. Firstly because they do not know you and you do not need them to tell you who you are and secondly these people will most likely not feel compassion with you. So they would either try to bring you down regarding you as some kind of threat or they be heartless because they do not care. That is why you should not care about them either. Talking about the third possible case – the belief in you for example – your destroyer of dreams is sitting close to you because you might think (and exclusively think): “If they do not believe in you who else would then?” and that is a completely legit question.

But legit is not always corresponding to correct – there is going to be a point in your life where you are going to realize that. After years of looking for comfort, feeling glum and being emotionally dependent on the people in my circle looking for their confirmation it was time for me to blossom. Finally “yes” was not any longer an answer to keep the people whose help I was looking for on my side but an actual advice to follow when it was about to distance myself even from my closest circle and pragmatically keep following my mission. The mission I have defined for myself to live a fulfilled life with a whole lot of sense. I do not need anyone’s confirmation to blossom because now I am at a point where I just do not care about this confirmation or opinion. I will not let anyone crush my dreams because if I give up now my survival of these people would become pointless at later terms.

“Just like about women (…) on each women’s day there is something new to say (…) each spring flowers have a new story to tell.”


Trend: Tender Flowers on a White Ground

The Italian luxury brand Gucci already presented us the past fall the way how to let it blossom this spring. It is not like flowers would not be a highly celebrated trend every spring – or put the other way round a spring without flowers on the ground and in fashion would be a spring missed. But it still is the way the way flowers are styled from spring to spring that (or from Valentine’s Day, such as here, to spring) that is giving a different stimulus to each time tell a new and other story. Just like about women (the personification of flowers – whereas flowers are the better women) on each women’s day there is something new to say and a different aspect to throw light on each spring flowers have a new story to tell. The absolute it-piece is any kind of white grounded jacket with a tender flower-print.

Shoe Trend: Lace Ballerinas with Ribbons

Ballerinas celebrate a comeback! After quite a generation later the pretty feminine flats are under the spotlight beside moccasins and loafers. The runner up among the ballerinas are made of lace (preferred tapered) but above all they are decorated with a ribbon on top. The model I have chosen was the pair I have bought as comfortable alternative shoe for my wedding almost four years ago. Ever since these ballerinas have been my constant company. Cheeky, fanciful but most of all ballerinas give the look an elegant touch. Perfect as feminine topping for a minimalist business outfit. The flats are best worn shade in shade with the rest of the outfit. Matching this trend lace is the sewed flower pattern and therefore accurate for this outfit. However lace is going to perfectly correspond also to rough material such as virgin wool, satin and more. Open your ankles for the flats to spread their whole beauty in your look.

Time to blossom on white ground.
Time to blossom on white ground.
Time to blossom on white ground.
Time to blossom on white ground.
Time to blossom on white ground.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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