Fall4Me Look, Make-Up & Nail Art Of The Year 2020

Hello my beloved readership and happy new year!

With the Chinese new year taking place we are finally entering 2021 – the year of the metal-buffalo. As the buffalo is commonly famous for its patience and perseverance this year is to achieve bringing us forward. The Chinese new year is the occasion for me to complete my blog and bring it up to date which is quite difficult between the actual celebration days between December and Januar. Therefore let me present you the Fall4Me look, make-up and nail art of the year 2020.

Look of the Year 2020

2020 has been quite a working-year for me in the first place making up my blog approximately since summer 2019 to autumn 2020. That was tough to sit down every evening spending it writing my blog after having worked my butt off with my thesis. I just could not do it anymore at one point and my passion became something like an evil must. But I just did not want to make a cut somewhere and start over since I have incomplete things (the Sheldon-syndrome). That somewhat kept me going and a little bit of maths if I could actually achieve the update at one point if I kept going. I do not want to deny that it was helpful summing up some trends and putting them together. Yet I realized that with 41 look I presented more “trends” than necessary to you as I during shopping just collected themes and though of them as a trend whereas probably they had simply been a subgroup of a bigger trend. This is what I want to do better this year.

Anyway, your vote was more than clear. With 100 per cent your most favorite look of the year has been one of my most favorite looks of the year and an actual trend: Upper Chic – Mainstream? the monochrome French heritage decorated with alluring red lips.
The occasion on which I wore this trend was rather casual during a stroll and combined shopping with my baby and husband but therefore the way I bought this dress was even more special. So in summer when this theme covered the front row of the shops and freshly launched I originally picked a pinafore dress with pearl buttons which had a rhinestone wreath around them. This item reminded me very much of Chanel. But finally my husband was not very convinced of it but rather of another version of the dress (this one) also the higher prize spoke for itself but I hesitated to buy it thinking that I would already own a too similar dress (check it here). So another shopping passed by without buying any of these. Then when I went shopping on the autumn Glamour Shopping Week with my son I entered the same shop, tried it on and also my son did not want to let the dress go (see it in my stories soon). So I bought it proudly and convinced with a discount of 20 per cent and obviously made the right decision. The original dress is currently available in white-baby-blue here. Should I maybe buy this one?

A monochrome style with French attitude.

NEW: Make-Up of the Year 2020

Now that I was finally free from much pressure to perform after having achieved my Bachelor of Arts graduation I had finally more time to read through beauty and fashion magazines. One which I receive frequently is the magazine from the perfumery Douglas which presented – especially towards the celebration days – quite some make-up trends. Again I had been thinking a lot if I should take them up or not as this would somehow mean more work. But finally it did not. So just used some different make-up for my looks and highlighted it.

There have been many of these six make-ups which had the highest voting of 50:50 but that of course is not enough, so I checked the amount of “likes” on the concerned posts and chose that finally as make-up of the year. The result was a quite usual make-up of mine: […] Red lips with smokey-dramatic eyes: Complain-Journalism whereas smokey dramatic eyes are quite to extravagant for everyday so I used it for a one time special occasion. I combined this classic make-up with my Tiffany style. The occasion was again not the most fabulous one as we just went to the Russian grocery store to buy a Christmas present for our good friends but then again this whole season of Christmas is so special that even the most simple thing deserves a festive outfit.

Red lips with smokey dramatic eyes.

Nail Art of the Year 2020

The nail art of the year sadly did not receive any better votes than the make-up of the year and I really hope that this is going to change the next year.Whereas I must admit and announce that I do not know if there is going to be a nail art of the year next year. Because of the unjustified (in my opinion it is unjustified, you can say what you want) long lockdown all my nails grew out again and my natural nails grew stronger than ever again. However no drying method works for my nails to dry quickly or even long and look good with a baby and household even if painting my nails on my own works pretty well. If I am to become successful so that the nails look good enough for a shooting I will continue it. However from the seven nail arts I could provide you the highest vote achieved 50% and was the launching Chrome Nail Art In Purple & Green: Know Me. The only sad thing about Chrome nails is that they are the most expensive due to the materials used but do not last for long compared to gel nails.

A nail art in chrome

New Looks and Inspirations already incoming

As you might have probably already seen I have presented you four looks for 2021 here and here already and the business is fluently ongoing. Get inspired, pick your favorites already, feel the motivation and keep going. There are only two directions: higher and further. All I can say is that I am going to get inspired internationally from different parts of the world, fashion magazines, shops as well as the nature and feed you with the most beautiful way to express yourself. I am very excited and looking forward to the trends of the year.

Love, Johanna

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