My Flowers On Valentine’s Day

Hello my beloved readership,

my flowers for Valentine’s Day had found themselves on my blouse and accessories on a simple but masterly base.

My Valentine’s roses are a tradition and furthermore a trademark. So deeply established that my husband apologised for not getting me any bouquet this year and I said: Never mind! In a very happy way, come on it is Valentine’s Day! Why should I be angry and disappointed like a drama queen for a rather minor reason and ruin the day? Apart from that here in Germany we are held in our caves… pardon me, I meant held in a lockdown, supermarkets try to do the job of florists. We had gifted each other very nicely and that was worth more than any second choice, half hearted flower bouquet from wherever.

The simpler it gets the more special it becomes. For me Valentine’s Day is more than just what it is publicly celebrated as. It is the day when my husband and I had officially become a couple and a day I connect so many things and emotions with. It was a beginning and an end at the same time. What you call the day of the lovers is originally the day to bless married couples – I understand why my brother hates Valentine’s Day the way it gets celebrated in public, firstly because it gets misused by the commercialism and secondly because every day should be Valentine’s Day for couples, meaning that love and cherish your partner every day and not only for special occasions. Since I am married I am feeling Valentine’s Day itself even stronger. I often get kind of accused for putting a high(er) value (than necessary) on marriage (at least these people make it sound this way) but let me play this ball back to you: in my opinion. People who claim such a thing are scared of marriage, self-centred (because otherwise there would not be anything more wonderful to spend the rest of your life with someone you love and fight for it to work) and last but not least (do not feel offended this is not an insult but an empiricism) lost the belief into love (if you have ever had it). Period.

Anyway the flowers and exchange of gifts by night has been a tradition for our anniversary in winter but as due to the locking, pardon me, I mean lockdown, we could not do anything spectacular out of home like enjoying dinner at a chic restaurant as an exception we arranged our anniversary through the whole day also with our common sweetheart, our angel, during the second third of the day. Also thus spending the day on the whole at home we put the effort also on ourselves to get dressed up – because here I told you that even simple occasions are worth to get dressed up for – for each other and make the arrangement complete.

“My outfit perfectly mirrors my attitude towards COVID Valentine’s Day”


My outfit perfectly mirrors my attitude towards COVID Valentine’s Day: something special on a simple common base with rather red (or strong coloured) flowers or (alternately soft pink with glitter) on black.

Shoe Trend: Sharp Moccasins with Chain Decor

It seems like comfort is leading the world of fashion in 2021 flats and comfortable shoes also (or especially) on chic and elegant outfits are the must-have these seasons. One example is the sharply shaped moccasin with chain decoration.

Deep floral print on black is the look to wear on Valentine's Day.
Deep floral print on black is the look to wear on Valentine's Day.
Deep floral print on black is the look to wear on Valentine's Day.
Deep floral print on black is the look to wear on Valentine's Day.
Deep floral print on black is the look to wear on Valentine's Day.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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