Metallic Gold: Inconspicuously Special

Hello my beloved readership,

typical human! We always have to find a catch in anything and cannot let anything uncriticized. Things are seen metallic instead of golden no matter how much they may glow. But we would never think that the most inconspicuous can be the most special ones. Let me see if you can relate with at least one of the following things and conclude what I would conclude.

The more extroverted and present you are the more likely you are going to be dissatisfied with people showing less feelings than you or seeming less attentive than you are. You are going to think that the interest let go the love is not returned at the slightest and that how much you may try this relationship is not going to improve. Do not give up, I told you that not everyone is a passionate lover. We are divided into passionate as well as soft lovers. After all love is something we can neither see nor touch but we believe in it to be there and strongly take over us.

“The real values are lying in the inconspicuous things.”
– Fall4Me

In the end the more we grow, the wiser we get and the more experiences we have the more we put inconspicuous things such as love, friendship, success, fortune and health into the focus of our desire. It does not matter how much you may own or have to fulfill your material wishes because the real values are lying in the inconspicuous things.

We have already talked about that it is not necessarily the most expensive, biggest, loudest or brightest things to be the best ones. Not even people fitting into this profile are. If we are honest to ourselves, of course, we demand often more than we get in the end since we have higher experiences than we should have – not because these people could not fulfill our experiences but because we like to forget that no one is always exactly like us and would act the way we would.

Still waters run deep, silent people think loud and people with big eyes have a huge soul. Do not demand more than from these people than necessary because you will discover their special value sooner or later and learn to live with the less but equal valuable they give.

Metallic and golden nail art for early autumnMetallic and golden nail art for early autumn

Nail Art Done by Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness

If you have read the last article about late-summer nails you might remember that I have praised the large variety of colors, shades and surface coating with which I mean matte, glowing or glittery that Thanh Mai Nails & Wellness offers and extends frequently. Thanks to this even if they may not have the exact colors you are wishing for or firmly have in your imagination some other colors can very well serve instead like the metallic light lavender had replaced silver for me.

As always I am very thankful and send best regards to this wonderful team, where every staff member is very well educated so you do not need to have a stylist of preference.

Love, Johanna

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