Cognac & White: What To Let Go & What Is Forever

Hello my dear readership,

we cannot rely on anything or anyone. Anyone but ourselves. That is a lecture of life. But until we get to this point it is up to us having to figure of out what to let go and what is forever to remain. What is going to stay for the eternity through good and bad and what would never want your bad. Keep and stick with old and good ripened things like cognac and become wise like the color of white itself is through every shadow.

“If you have friends like those you do not need enemies anymore.” – how often have I told myself this and how often have I got to know this from others… yes, indeed, I have stopped counting.

When I was younger I felt like I needed to have or force myself to have a best friend every time one of my fellow mates mentioned her best friend which was not me in any case.

Just by now or rather later on since that time I realized what a fool I was to think it would be poor let go embarrassing to consider my mother my best friend – like some famous young singstresses and actresses stated which I only found unreal and said just like that from them. But if you can relate to this situation and still have not moved on let me tell you that these people knew what they have been talking about.

As I told you last month it is a hard way to get there but in the long term it will prove to be the better one for you, you will learn that friends are replaceable and often people to let go while your close family is to be forever. Forever by your side, forever pay attention on you and always and forever want your best and lift you up.

Even if you may miss a family-member because you have never get to have them as blood relative do not give up hope. Who knows maybe your partner will enrich you with such a family-member, for example one or two sisters, like my husband did.

Personally, I have to say that I do not consider anyone my best friend (any longer) because none of my friends ever gives me that feeling to have the same value to them like they have to me and because everyone of them has a habit or character trait about them that does not just leave me unsure but as well dissatisfied. Therefore my first choice and those people I will give most effort for are always going to be the closest circle of my family as well as the closest circle of my family-in-law which I as well simply and directly name as my family.

“The more time something needs to be produced the higher its value becomes.”
– Fall4Me

Cognac & White: The Older You get the Wiser You Become

We all need a fresh-up at times, develop ourselves or give things a try. But from our clothes and accessories we know that those things of higher value which have a better quality and workmanship are definitely going to be worn and kept forever since they most likely will not fall apart from the slightest confrontation like some people are looking for the first reason to abandon you from their life – in that moment you have to know for yourself that what is broken should not tried to be fixed with all the power you have but simply thrown away as it is no good for you furthermore a millstone round your neck and either be replaced with something better (a new better friend) or sorted out so that just the best things maintain with you, such as your close family.

Of course, it is not always and only the most expensive things are as well the best ones but the more time something needs to be produced the higher its value becomes, like a good bond (of a family that has been founded or come together through a marriage or unity) or a relationship. It all needs time of procedure and know-how through experience. Like this tap water is better than mineral water but the value of noble cognac is unbeatable in comparison to both.

Once you learn about such a lecture with every stage you go through in life, means the older you grow, the most likely you are going to have a white coat of innocence, honesty and honor on.

September trend by Fall4Me cognac and whiteSeptember trend by Fall4Me cognac and whiteSeptember trend by Fall4Me cognac and whiteSeptember trend by Fall4Me cognac and whiteSeptember trend by Fall4Me cognac and whiteSeptember trend by Fall4Me cognac and white

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Love, Johanna

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