Wedding Decor: It Is All About The Details

Hello my beloved readership,

some underestimate it and for some it is all about the details what concerns decoration. In the case of your wedding love towards details should not be neglected. For bride, bridesmaid and wedding planner the wedding decor is a versatile source of inspiration. Read here where it makes sense adding wedding decor and tips and tricks how to shop.

Fall4Me wedding rule about the decoration

In the best case a wedding is taking place once in a lifetime – between people who fell in love, have decided to spend the rest of their lives together and stick together regardless every obstacle. No surprise you are not an expert in planning and arranging weddings – especially if you are the first to get married within your circle of family and friends.
Your elders may have the experience but we know that things and priorities change from generation to generation – so I like to call the phenomenon of parents happen not to be understanding their children the clash of generations.

In times of social media and wedding blogs wedding planners have become a kind of luxury. Meanwhile the bridesmaids (possibly with the support of the witnesses) have taken the role of the wedding planner and made it their task to collect wedding inspiration and advises online on the above named sources and with a few simple touches perhaps your wedding decoration might be the one inspiring the next upcoming weddings.

“The wedding decoration is a completion for the wedding theme.”
– Fall4Me

Where Do You Need Decoration?

The wedding decoration is a completion for the wedding theme you choose. Speaking in the language of fashion it is often the accessories that make an outfit consisting of simple pieces of clothing exciting. So it is with the wedding decoration:

  • either it is a chance for you to integrate more elements of your wedding theme
  • or these details get eye-catchers.

In the following I present you some essential wedding decor:

  1. Flowers on the bridal car: Apart from the limousine there might be a second car in which the bride or bridal couple may be driven around. This one should be remarkable from outside.

    Wedding decoration on the doors of the car
    © 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me
  2. Tulle & flowers for the bride’s room: The bride’s room counts to the most important places in the whole wedding. After all for a young lady from the Near Eastern culture getting married means that she is taken out of her parental house and becoming an adult independent woman. Before that she is well-guarded in her own room where all the female family members and closest friends are gathered together around her until her groom takes her out. The decoration is extended to the entrance of the parental house.
    Wedding decor on the bride's bed
    © 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me

    Wedding decoration in purple in front of the entrance
    © 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me
  3. Ring-pillows: One pillows for each ring regardless from how the rings are going to get to the altar or rather the bridal couple these little treasures should be carried and passed over to the bridal couple completely clean and untouched on or in a bigger pad.
  4. Table decoration: This is definitely above all the most essential as well as most common kind of decoration regardless from a wedding itself. There is no festive table without a corresponding decoration.
    Wedding decoration for the wedding cake table
    Wedding cake table decorated according to the wedding theme white-purple and high quality Versace.

    Wedding decoration table
    The standard table decoration provided by Novotel: Romantically red roses.

Tips & Tricks How And Where To Shop

You can order real flowers for your decoration. You can go to specific party decor shops and boutiques, visit stores belonging to big sales chains, order decoration privately from friends or you can simply do it yourself which has gained popularity along with social media and wedding blogs. What we have bought from the sales chain Karstadt has been the purple tulle and satin for the bride’s room decoration as we value the quality in relation to the prize. However talking about the internet taking over with all this I do not want to hide my shame that even for shopping the internet takes over.

Regardless if it is politically correct or not Amazon and eBay are indeed my first choices to shop if your maxim is not to have completely fresh flowers that are sooner or later going to wilt but reusable decoration to pass on to siblings and friends among others. You are going to benefit from a very huge selection of wedding decoration and be able to compare prizes and still get good things at low cost the comfort to shop at home and advise yourself with many people at once without time pressure not to mention.
Careful: As most of the items are coming from China you should order soon enough which would be at least two months before the big event.

What we have bought from there were:

An alternative to the internet where you can shop good decoration again at low cost are the so called Euro-shops. The name keeps what it promises: everything costs 1 € (as one of the older shop assistants said “I also need a way to remember all the prizes!”). In the wedding season you will get the chance to shop very pretty wedding accessories there.
Insider tip: you will get nearly the same items you would buy for much more in other sales chains.

Raffaellos spread like a heart
DYI 1: Spread candy in the colors of your wedding theme romantically in the form of a heart.
Ribbons as wedding decor for glasses and cake cutting utensils
DYI 2: Thanks to my practical work in the perfumery Douglas I was able to create beautiful big and small ribbons looking like roses. Credits: © 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me
Wedding decor on the wall: a "Just married" garland and balloons
DYI 3: Balloons, everyone knows how to blow them up. A wedding without such a garland is certainly like New Year’s Eve without fireworks. The red-white theme had extended our white-purple(-blue) theme for good as it stands commonly known for hot passionate love and romance which very well underlines our love and its flame. Credits: © 2018 Fall4Me

Inspired Yet?

Keep in mind that there is a life after the wedding or rather that life begins and continues after it. Of course you may rely on your guests gifting you with money which has become pretty common but nevertheless you are going to be very happy about every Euro you can save in the end. Decoration does not have to be overly expensive let go is a mystery hard to figure out it is a matter of creativity and good will.

A bridal couple looking like us as cake topper
Credits: © 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me

Love, Johanna

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