The Wedding Rings – Between Classy & Modern A Matter Of Taste

Hello my beloved readership,

do you remember when you have been single looking for the love of your life, what have you been looking at first? Of course, is there a wedding ring or not? Is it worth investing feelings? Et cetera… Doubtlessly, it is the sign of married people and an eye-catcher for people who know each other – regardless if you like each other or not. But where is the best place to buy the probably most expensive investment of your special day? Furthermore what do you need to pay attention on and what guarantees do you have? Read all here.

Fall4Me wedding rule about wedding rings

What you generally need to keep in mind is that I – by far – cannot speak for all the shops concerning prices, guarantees and everything else concerning the wedding rings. I can just name you an approximate margin with my personal experience as base so that you at least have an imagination for yourself.

When Should I Order The Wedding Rings?

“You cannot be early enough with…” – anyone familiar with these words? Well then, latest if you are expecting a baby or prepare to get married you will hear these words more than necessary (and probably even speak them out yourself as getting an expert in that field yourself).

“Do not drive yourself crazy with the preparations.”
– Fall4Me

But do not drive yourself crazy with the preparations, everything has its time to come into being, even if your wedding date is set just four months before the big event.

Before ordering your wedding ring there is a preparation necessary concerning the following questions to be cleared ahead:

  • Where do we get the wedding rings – a shop that belongs to a big sales chain or a small private boutique?
    For what concerns us we thought that it would be better to get the rings from a shop belonging to a big sales chain. In the best case this shop is going to survive as long as the guarantee on your rings – which is more than I can say for private shops from which I have found out that the shops where I got some of my wedding decoration, wedding dress and bridal bouquet closed in my shock. Apart from that we got attracted by the special offer 20% off on wedding rings plus another 10% with my customer card.
  • Which models of rings do we want?
    Most shops private or public have an online-presence which enables you to take your time without any kind of pressure, comfortably to sit together on your own as married couple to be and pick your favorite model for yourself because taste goes beyond a good advice especially because not any shop assistant in the world can recommend you what is best for you in this case.
  • How much carat should the rings (at least) have?
    My personal recommendation would be: 585 carat. In the best case you can spend all the money you could save somewhere else on the rings. For a pair of wedding rings of such a value in the material of gold (another recommendation of mine) you would pay around 1 000,- € to 1 500,- €. For wedding rings this prize is pretty fair and payable – even for students like we were back then. Note: These rings are meant to last for the eternity and are therefore something you should not be afraid of spending such a sum on them. There is a reason why the work on them lasts about one month and why it takes such a preparation on them.

On the whole the result of the above described would be to order your wedding rings latest two months before the big event and start planning at least one week before the order. Like this you have the chance to get something corrected in case something is not flawless about the rings – which you should always count in in such an order – and advise yourself with your better experienced elders who might give you the one or other good advice which I have passed on to you [smile].

The moment when the groom puts on the wedding ring of his bride
Credits: © 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me

How Do I Find The Best Place To Buy The Rings?

Some people have their jeweler of trust in their neighborhood or circle of acquaintances and some people rely on big sales chains – either way the offer makes the demand.

For what concerns myself I have had experiences with both: private and public dealer.

My engagement ring: was made by a friend of my husband. She is a trained goldsmith. She does not have her own shop but her very own workshop at home․ A 925 sterling silver ring is circling a purple amethyst in the middle from top and bottom and has the engraving “Queen & King” inside.


+ The ring is made and taken care of with love.
+ The ring can be designed according to your very own imaginations and taste.
+ The ring is a unicum.
+ Possibly seeing it as you are friends, your friend will let you have it for a special prize.
+ No hours of business: you can contact the person any time.
+ You always have the same expert by your side who knows you, the ring and all circumstances. This spares you to explain everything anew.
+ There is a base of trust.
+ You support the work of your friend.


When you are at far distance with your friend it is difficult to hand over the ring once there is something to be adapted or repaired. You will be forced to send in the ring as you cannot just travel like that and do not want your ring to look incomplete for too long which is not always safe.
It is more difficult to get a ring made with expensive material as this material needs to be bought ahead of the payment by the goldsmith himself.
Once the friendship ends the professionality may end as well.
Possibly your waiting times for the ring, the adaption or repair might be longer as your friend may not have the time to do it due to different circumstances (not the first priority, sickness, et cetera.)

Our wedding rings: were ordered at the big German sales chain Karstadt where we have as well been advised very well. The set of wedding rings is an understated classic yellow golden 585 carat ring with mine having a diamond included by Rauschmayer. The engraving we have chosen was as well simple but special and something for the eternity our names + the date of our wedding (my ring contained my husband’s surname first and my husband’s ring was the other way round). The result was: “Johanna & Florian 28.07.2017” or rather “Florian & Johanna 28.07.2017”.


+ In one prize there is the whole service included: guarantee, repairs, adaptions, improvements, top-advice, order et cetera.
+ If you are not so creative, undecided or simply do not have an imagination you can make a pre-election online and show it on place. Careful: You might not find your rings of choice immediately in the showcase as your yellow gold choice might just be on place in platinum.
+ You may not create the ring completely from zero but you do have a very huge and versatile selection at least for what concerns concerns the big sales chains. Apart from that you may choose the most important thing about the rings: the engraving and in addition to that the material, value and style.
+ You have the shop right on place and it is most likely not to be closed and even if so you will find another store of the chain.
+ You are most likely to get a higher discount and better offer.


It is the way it is: not a unicum – at least not at the first sight. Even if it is nearly impossible that another couple may have the same engraving but this is not visible anyway at the first sight.
You are bound to a contract for what concerns the guarantee.
You are dependent on willingness to oblige for the one or other matter.

No matter what way you decide to take, perhaps one of the ways may help you and lend you a hand even if you decide to take the other way.

The engagement ring - a unicum
Before its show gets stolen by the wedding rings… my engagement ring in its full beauty. Credits: © 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me

How Much Can I Decide About The Style?

As above explained this is dependent on the way you take: public or private.
Surely you may be able to extend an already given design at a sales chain but that might be connected with higher costs as extra-work which not all companies would be willing to accept to do.
On the other hand there is a reason why some people reject to take important orders from friends as that my poison the friendship. Private orders are always risky as the budget may be missing or lacking and the responsibility as well as commands too high.

However concerning the style of the rings this is what you as client can decide about in any way:

  • material
  • value
  • weight
  • size
  • engraving
  • (stone)

Anything else is a matter of the given circumstances and the budget you have. The good thing about a public sales chain is that they are most likely to have the material in stock whereas a private goldsmith just gets the most necessary. However if you have extravagant demands try to look for a private person but calculate a higher budget.

Wedding ring and the heirloom
Cultural excursus: In the Armenian culture the ring under the wedding ring is passed over from generation to generation as special gift on the wedding. Credits: © 2018 Anna Chojnowska / Fall4Me

Take Good Care Of Your Little Treasure

I conclude my personal opinion: while Americans cannot spend enough money on their engagement ring taking the best one they see in the show case us Europeans put the value on a very own unique design to make the sign of promise as special and personal as possible. The rule however is that beyond the design there still goes the material which should be at least silver with a real stone because the value of the ring is most likely to measure the value of your relationship -I saw it with friends of mine.

To us the wedding rings however have been way too precious and of too much value in order to give this responsibility to a private person which we do not have here in Hamburg. Therefore we needed the best advice possible and a firm contract we are bound to from both sides. In addition to that we trust in the good quality of the big sales chains and still could get lots of discount on the rings thanks to a special season offer and customer card.

Finally in the end your biggest smallest treasure is not about extravagance in style but about its message and symbolic therefore it should be kept classy and understated without any big kitsch.

Classy wedding rings

Love, Johanna

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