fall4me_2017_defaultJohanna Karajan is a married mother of one, B.A. in political science, master-student of media & communication-management, fashion adviser and musician (singer, song-writer, DJane) with Armenian roots based in Hamburg, Germany.

My life’s motto is: “You’re not on earth to be like others want you to be.

This is what I am about:

A book waiting to be read and understood.

This always works:

COFFEE! Coffee and more coffee! Good society (that overwhelms you with love), music, taking photos, good food and shopping!

This is an absolute no-go:

Ungratefulness, things to be thrown at your face (if you have to complain in the aftermath do not do it in the first place), narrow-mindedness, jealousy.

This is what I want:

Not pity myself for having missed anything in life as I look back on it one day.

You do not even want to know about this:

How I got where I am today.

This is what I like to write about:

Life-thinking, re-invention of the world, hidden beauties of the world.

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