Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Semi Final 2: Impressions

The 67th Eurovision Song Contest 2023 semi final 2 continued on May 11th in the British city Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine. Read my impressions here.

My dear, what a day! What an exciting day and if all was not enough it was Eurovision is taking place as crowning ending. I do not want to go too much in detail but if you would know about all I did and had to do you would wonder where and if I actually had the energy to actually enjoy the show but I actually did! Because Eurovision is a source of energy itself. But enough of me let us get to the Eurovision Song Contest semi final 2.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Semi Final 2: Nuances, nuances, it is about the Nuances

While the main elements of this year’s Eurovision got to be very clear already in the semi final 1 about which I have already written here. In this semi final I want to go deeper and emphasize some symbolic details. This is starting with the outfits of the host: This. was. Ukraine! As we could already say about the American president, Joe Biden’s wife Dr. Jill Biden and their grand-daughter Finnegan Biden during the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. Another more than clear dress-code is the pink: Is it because it symbolizes last year’s winner’s hat? Is it because it is the color of the year? Talking about symbols and colors I as well felt that messages such as women’s right or even diversity were still represented on the stage of Eurovision but they went to the background with the war and solidarity with Ukraine being in the spotlight in favor of peace and strength.

VIPs during Eurovision and the coronation dressed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.
Even the bold black has its symbol even though the spotlight is on Ukraine. Collage © 2023 Fall4Me

Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Review & Qualifiers

Here comes the most interesting part — which you are being asked nearly while watching live or even before the performance has even finished. Pardon, but I first have to get over the performances before bringing it to words. Otherwise it can become very mixed and undecided.

So in the running order:

  1. Denmark — Reiley ”Breaking My Heart“: The TiK ToK-star wore an impressive pink outfit and has really fancy curly hair. With his performance he had a clear message on stage: love — with the heart that could be find everywhere and of course the corresponding colors. He was very modern with his singing and performance yet traditionally colorful with the colours and outfit matching the classic Eurovision dresscode. He reminded me of popular pop singers from nowadays. I would have not been surprised if he was a fan-favorite.
  2. Armenia — Brunette ”Future Lover“: Armenia has its pattern with beautiful alluring women but knowing how many talented bands there are in my country of origin we could as well take this transition. On the whole I felt of the artist being pretty exaggerated — starting with the silly pseudonymous knowing she has a beautiful citizen name. Brunette was singing beautifully and was accompanied by a beautiful piano-play. It was an unexpected song for me: I rather expected some dance, fire and a pop-song rather than a ballad with a powerful message with the fire she was expressing from only her appearance. The dance during the transition was really great and reflected her occupation as dancer besides from the music. Otherwise the song itself was a little bit too electronic but beautiful and deep nonetheless. Personally I liked the black and white better than the pink. What I have to emphasise here is that finally an Armenian sang in our beautiful native language at last. Peter Urban was right when he said we had it all with her and her performance. However the more you watch it the better it and she become.
  3. Romania — Theodor Andrei ”D.G.T. (Off And On): Also this singer was singing in his native language which like a lot. Furthermore the guitar was great as well as the pictures of the different guitars. At this point I have to ask: Is pink dress code of this year‘s Eurovision? It was a strong performance, the singer has a great strong voice. I loved the genre of the song, it was nice to listen to. Perhaps he was too naked on stage with only a blazer over his naked torso?
  4. Estonia — Alika ”Bridges“: Alikas song is touching and full drama throughout the whole song until the final end — an accurate drama however. The highlight: the refined autonomous piano. Alika had a beautiful and stunning outfit as well as overall style — Estonian stylists are really talented with bangs. The blue outfit in combination with silver caught me a lot. In the end her performance really made me shiver. Congratulations to Ithaka Maria for educating such a talented young woman! Listen to the song and see the performance here.
  5. Belgium — Gustaph ”Because Of You“: Lou Bega from Belgium with sympathetic blue eyes “again in pink“ but at least with white! Finally the dance song I was waiting for in this semi final! The act was so cool with the stage in black and white and the classy dancers on stage as well as the background singers who were very classy according to 90s. I simply love it!
  6. Cyprus — Andrew Lambrou ”Break A Broken Heart“: A sympathetic man in the world with an impressive voice and an always listenable calm. But this strong pop song was spiced up with fire. I love the wavy sounds.
  7. Iceland — Diljá ”Power“: A sympathetic and strong woman (as we already saw in her postcard lifting weights) who has an unexpected light voice and was shining with her bright smile during her performance. She was definitely bold and steady still full of adrenalina with her fast pop song. However the song may have been a little bit too dull and usual for her.
  8. Greece — Victor Vernicos ”What They Say“: 16 years and such a deep voice and deep connection to his Greek roots with the letters of the Greek alphabet on the floor of the stage! The moving drama at the beginning got lost with the average, fast, impulsive voice. It was cool that pictures of him appeared on his stage. On the whole it was a strong performance from a strong singer but the singing weakened it a little bit.
  9. Poland — Blanka ”Solo“: A hip girl in the world with a sweeping dance and beats (as well as the title) à la Demi Lovato. Ah, and there was the beach on the stage which first resembled a video being recorded and became a hot fire. Blanka deserved everything but being bullied from a part of the Polish Eurovision-community! She danced so great that she could have as well represented Greece or Cyprus as well.
  10. Slovenia — Joker Out ”Carpe Diem“: A song recorded in Hamburg — with the the band consisting of young boys they completely caught my heart! A student indie-rock in cool, vintage outfits — yes please!
  11. Georgia — Iru ”Echo“: A reasonable Armenian with class and beautifully dresssed in white. Wow what a show! A powerful intro and moving drama in between. She even looked like a Greek goddess with her dress the stage. She really caused me a crazy shiver. I find her very strong and unique.
  12. San Marino — Piqued Jacks ”Like An Animal“: Another group that brough kind of a retro-style back to Eurovision with the outfits and kissing mouth à la The Rolling Stones (the lead singer however reminded me of Romania 2013 from the looks). He had a piercing smile. If just the voice could have been as strong as the song — at least it was unique.
  13. Austria — Teya & Salena ”Who The Hell Is Edgar“: Another retro performance in red, white and black with a duo à la Baccara and sounds like Lumix which I already loved most last year. The most lively song which was needed in this semi final. Go on like this Austria! Last but not least these were the colors of the Austrian flag, too!
  14. Albania — Albina & Familja Kelmendi ”Duje“: Wow, a whole family on the stage, what bond! The family was wearing beautiful traditional outfits and their star Albina an as amazing and traditional song, on top with her impressive voice. Which sounded dramatic at first countinued with traditional dances and beats. There was so much heart, love and support for each other on stage which was simply wonderful. With the traditional Albanian dance and the colors of the flag gracing the stage it was a runner up and and favoruite kind of Albanian folklore for me. Something to be proud of as we already seen with the parents.
  15. Lithuania — Monika Linkytè ”Stay“: Long tone seemingly copied as well as the song which was familiar — which does not mean that I did not like it. Monika looked greater than ever and her performance sovereign with a clean singing.
  16. Australia — Voyager ”Promise“: I was already wondering where Australia was. It is cool to see a band representing the country and their outfits were very cool to me being glitter as many outfits were if they were not pink. Somehow they brought together different mixes that was however enjoyable in the whole composition. At the end they became Lordi from the sound perhaps a little bit too much mixed differently. The keyboard play was absolutely amazing but more amazing was the very last tone.
Austria classy in red, white and black
The highlight of the Austria staging. Photo © 2023 CNN

With such a review these would have been my top 10 to qualify for the Grand Final in their running order. As always I used the names of the countries which were represented with no preference or disliking of any country. I also marked the qualifiers in green and red for those who actually qualified and who did not:

  1. Armenia
  2. Estonia
  3. Belgium
  4. Cyprus
  5. Iceland
  6. Poland
  7. Slovenia
  8. Georgia
  9. Austria
  10. Albania

“Eurovision is a source of energy itself.”

– Fall4Me

Big Party on Saturday

The actual party however is taking place on Saturday. I have to tell you I always start with mixed feelings into every new Eurovision since I do know know how to feel about the songs and if I actually love them but I passionately learn to love them latest for the Grand Final. So enjoy your weekend and see you then!

Love, Johanna

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