Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – Semi Final 2: Impressions

Hello my beloved readership,

the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 semi final two continued on Thursday May 12th in Torino, Italy, 2023. Read the impressions in the following.

As you got to know because I told you in my last article here this years Eurovision – my daughter’s first one – had everything but a promising start. Basically you would say that once you have a bad start the rest is going to continue bad as well but the optimists would encourage you that there can still be a happy end. Well, let me sum up what we had: an unwanted separation of our family and feelings of guilt to which Eurovision in the most modest circumstances was in fact the cure and still a spark of hope left. The good thing about all this (if it is appropriate to use the word positive at all): we had certainty. Did that change anything about our situation? Not really but at least it calmed our mood a little bit and keep us going.

The Rasmus with a new female touch.
The Rasmus integrating female power for their comeback with Eurovision. ©Screenshot / 2022

Eurovision 2022: Impressions and Ranking

“Nokia – connecting people”, do you remember that slogan? Using it for our individual case it was rather “Eurovision – connecting families” once the children were sleeping on both sides of the devices Eurovision was an entertainment and highlight for both, my husband and myself. For my husband it was rather a way to be close to me knowing how passionately I loved and loved to follow Eurovision he watched it too and we discussed about the entries together. See my results in the following:

  1. Finland — The Rasmus ”Jezabel“: ”Oh The Rasmus“, my husband texted me when I was already hyping this very welcome and special Finnish entry. Not only the appearance at Eurovision was a big surprise but also the fresh new performance in yellow contrasting black and their female band member. Furthermore empowering the female gender also with their song. Thus the differences in 20 years The Rasmus maintained their musical and optical trademark which I very much celebrated. A very well running number one to open the semi final 2.
  2. Israel — Michael Ben David ”I.M“: Seriously, I swear that I have listened exactly this song once and watched such a performance 1:1. ”I.M would make a typical chart-song for channels like MTV which makes it a likeable entry but no more than an average.
  3. Serbia — Konstrakta ”In Corpore Sano“: Konstrakta is — referring to her Myers-Briggs personality type according to the data base — the supremacy of rare female intuitive-thinkers (xNTx). With her song she is criticising the care-system in her country with a seriousness that ”slayed“. She is an absolute professional who knows what she is doing which makes her inviolable. I almost want to say that I am feeling reverence of her song.
  4. Azerbaijan — Nadir Rüstemli ”Fade To Black“: I am not saying this because of my Armenian roots and strong connection to this country but why does Azerbaijan always have to send sentimental boys to Eurovision with oversensitive songs? I am missing Azerbaijan with strong entries like Aysel & Arash (2009), Samra (2016) and Aisel (2018) was also ok but no more like this.
  5. Georgia — Circus Mircus ”Lock Me In“: Georgia must have taken the general attitude of Greece as example having started to more and more send weird yet funny acts to Eurovision, which I basically do not actually mind. This is the reason why in the end this song made it to my closer playlist despite being rather monotone. It does still leave an impression.
  6. Malta — Emma Muscat ”I Am What I Am“: Emma’s entry, counting her music video where she is rocking the piano with her sympathetic female charm as well as her life performance where she was just as enchanting was the case ˋthe more I saw it the more I loved it‘, considering that because of the given circumstances I could not actually concentrate on each performance during the actual show. However I must conclude that not only she was glowing on the golden stage but also her song is a very cheerful and uplifting one.
  7. San Marino — Achille Lauro ”Stripper“: What did the responsibles had in mind choosing this entry? As much as I like the song for its vintage touch and sung in the native language a half naked man riding a bull noting the song‘s title is ”Stripper“ (what the singer kind of did during his performance) simply doesn’t belong to Eurovision. We have had this discussion about generosity in terms of Eurovision 2009 with Dita Von Teese (main attraction for Germany), Hadise (Turkey), Aysel (Azerbaijan) whose outfits were argued to be too tight for children also watching this show even though they made it deserved to the final.
  8. Australia — Sheldon Riley ”Not The Same“: Sheldon Riley definitely did put on a unique show with which is left an impression and did not maintain unremarked. However I myself have to wonder if such an overly dramatic and exaggerated is really necessary from a person like him? In this case less would have been really more. Of course you could now argue that unlike him I did like TIX (Norway 2021) but at least as angel and with his sympathetic song TIX caught my taste.
  9. Cyprus — Andromache ”Ela“: Cyprus seems to have quite a pattern with their participants, beautiful women with an attractive voice singing rhythmic sings with the sound of the sea. No surprise I enjoy each year after the other thus this regular tone even if the singer chose performed a rather smooth song unlike her fellow representatives Tamta or Eleni Foureira which is not necessarily a bad thing.
  10. Ireland — Brooke ”That‘s Rich“: Brooke is a hot chart-candidate: young, fierce, hip. I must admit that her song is also pretty familiar in – I do not know – 24 years of music-passion but I did not mind at all. The young professional had revived the 90s-00 crazy and wild junior-high-pop that just makes you want to get up and jump with you hands up in the air. A timeless classic on her very own.
  11. North Macedonia — Andrea ”Circles“: I must say that I found the North-Macedonian representative pretty cool in her dark, steady style also her pretty “direct” song had a special something but the more I watched her live-performance I felt of her to be very shaky nearly fragile. I can imagine that it has certainly been a part of her whole performance but in my opinion she would have done better to maintain steady and bold.
  12. Estonia — Stefan “Hope”: Stefan gets some extra points from me, not only because we have the same Armenian roots and he lives in my country of dreams, Estonia, but because already last year he very much enchanted me with his entry for Eurovision and this year he stroke another hit with his Wild Western song. Especially the end where he repeats ”I hope“ he causes a real catchy tone and makes it a song you always want to listen to.
  13. Romania — WRS ”Llámame“: I appreciate participants singing in their native language or rather the language of the country they represent (ideally) but do we appreciate them singing in completely different languages even if they are apart from English or French? Well, Spanish also is not any less international than these two languages and personally I think that this is a language that fits to Romania so it was authentic on the whole especially with the given oriental music.
  14. Poland — Ochman ”River“: I LOVE Poland in Eurovision! Poland is so full of sovereign musical talents that whenever I hear Poland in Eurovision I have it in my feelings that it has got to be good! So it was with Ochman. The singer with a reduced clean stage in a classic suite did not need much but his strong melodic voice matching his matching sovereign serious song with a spicy character. Definitely on my playlist.
  15. Montenegro — Vladana ”Breathe“: Typically for Montenegro Vladana integrated traditional folk instruments to a rather slow and bold song. Even though this may bear the risk of monotony it feels with every entry to be something special and unique. I have got the feeling that many co-porticipants in Eurovision can learn something from their fellow.
  16. Belgium — Jérémy Makiese “Miss You“: ”If he can play as good as he sings then I am not worried about his career“, ah it was a freshening welcome to hear such positive comments on almost all performances from the German spokesman Peter Urban. But I can just agree with him. Jeremy Makiese put on a show that simply could not be cooler with his gang or rather background dancers. The song itself is already screaming coolness and was just supported by his performance and this supercool silver jacket.
  17. Sweden — Cornelia Jakobs ”Hold Me Closer“: Wow…! Cornelia Jakobs may have the plus-points with the country she represented but she herself was a real bomb on stage. Like a young Kim Wilde she was rocking the stage with her prominent voice. A real eye-catcher.
  18. Czech Republic — We Are Domi ”Lights Off“: Y2K-disco go! The singer was excellent with her deep voice. Together it formed a super composition. Her corresponding Y2K outfit was like a cherry on top.
The Belgian representative Jérémy Makiese
Jérémy Makiese and his cool clique. ©

These words put into a ranking which artists would have passed the semi-final are the following in green who actually passed and in red those who did not in the running order:

  • Finland
  • Serbia
  • Malta
  • Cyprus
  • Ireland
  • Estonia
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic

Hope for Eurovision

As my mood got better I actually started to hope, I hope, I hope, I hope for an actual reunion for the Grand Final – I mean, when you are at the very bottom it can only get better, could it not? I will let you know about the end of my Eurovision 2022 in my last review-article.

Love, Johanna

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