Spring Trends Combined XXL: Theory & Experience

Hello my beloved readership,

have your spring trends combined XXL issue: see here how you can unite four spring trends in one look and read why drifting apart from theories is okay.

The observing thinkers look straight at the theory while the intuitive-feeling ones believe in the experiences lived. That is how it is. Or was it differently…?

Have you ever read something, let us say the result of a personality or rather love-match test and ended up overthinking and questioning things more than you already did or more than it would be necessary? Did you feel nervous because you felt like you have to recreate half of your life just to match the result or because there was something negative written in the theory? I can take your worry away with the following words “… did not keep me from…” and “My ideals will not let me…”. As a studied scientist I find a lot of theory in my everyday life, workflows et cetera. However I must also say that reviewing my own life I stumbled into a lot of things and got where I am today and I bet I can say the same about you. Having this in mind I can refer to everything happening for a reason as I have written here. Let us be honest, who of us can actually say about themselves that they have always had 100 per cent control over everything that happened and every decision made? Who can claim that everything actually went exactly according to a plan? I feel like no one actually can. Sometimes situations just happen and then we create something more of it. Whether it is a compromise or actually to our liking or finally the decision to have the will to work on it (or let it be) does not matter in the end for the result.

We have theories in life and we have empirical knowledge and we need both to develop further and move forward. My professors are permanently demanding me to use versatile opposite literature and theories for my papers because the world is not chiselled into a stone and not always there is only one truth. It needs both theory and experience to adapt to the frequent dynamic changes and even if a whole lot can “basically be the same” they can still differ from their perspective. So whether it is a theory or a subjective being telling you that something may not be alright it is not to them to dictate that. Therefore do not project everything on yourself and create a fear of what could be. Never is a case exactly the same so do not bother to call a curse that is not there and might not even actually take place. It is good to learn about theories but never leave out the experience you are already familiar with.

Fashion Trend: XL Blazer & Belt

Exercise: XL blazer + belt = …? Big love, you have got it(, dude)! The sexy wasp waist is back and with it another style of vision I have finally made real. To make the look and its effect work less is more so rather pick leggings, tights or other leg-hugging, skinny items on the bottom. This trend works by the way as well with XL-dresses or -coats.

Make-Up-Trend: Pastel Make-Up

Each spring we have pastel looks all over ruling the world of fashion. While the trends in this article rather take the direction of large sizes why not minimize the pastels this year and project them on our face as make-up? To underline the look I matched my pastel/mint-green earrings to my lilac lipstick and pastel-blue eyes and created a color-palette as trendy pastel make-up.

”[…]there are literally x opportunities to use a silk scarf […]“


Trend: Silk Scarf

There is no accessory this versatile as the silk scarf: you can use it as flattering hair accessory on top as Alice band or lower as ponytail, at the same time advanced high-carat fashionistas use it as handle protection all over the grip of their bag — in order the sweat of hands to not damage the leather – and talking about protection in times of COVID and the requisite to wear a mask at some places it could save you from the stress to buy yourself one if yours went broken or in case you have forgotten it. Like this the silk scarf can as well serve as headscarf when it may rain, on bad hair days or a spontaneous visit at an Orthodox Church. Last but not least it can be quite a cool replacement for a bracelet — Lenna Kuurmaa, Vanilla Ninja lead singer being the pioneer of this style — apart from serving its original purpose. You see, there are literally x opportunities to use a silk scarf and since I got mine from my best friend I want to make shoutout to her that this is a practical personal and pretty gift!

Bag-Trend: XXL Bag v.s. Braided Handbags

The bags that are making mood for summer are definitely braided bags. In order to upgrade the trend you better pick one in the size XXL. Besides from being more stylish it might also save you from unnecessarily spend money on shopping bags as it leaves much space for numerous achievements.

Spring trends combined in clothing, make-up and accessories.
Spring trends combined in clothing, make-up and accessories.
Spring trends combined in clothing, make-up and accessories.
Spring trends combined in clothing, make-up and accessories.
Spring trends combined in clothing, make-up and accessories.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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