Oversize: Break Free

Hello my beloved readership,

oversize styles are a runner-up trend this year. Read here how to wear it and what to beware of – not only in the means of such an outfit.

One day, I will break free, and then you should not feel surprised about it…

Do you remember from your video games or favorite animes when your opponent kept hitting and hitting your character who tried to hold out against it bravely and at one point a limit break took place and brought an ultimate attack with it?

People are not made to live in suppression and thankless slavery by anyone. May it be a total stranger or your own parents. No matter where someone is coming from everyone of us has the right to freely develop to the full and parents should support their children on this way and not push their own selfishness further. This is close to a sin — even our religious traits are saying that this borders on sinnig and should not be supported let go approved. Life goes on, people develop further and go through different stages in life. After I had more or less written about it in my article “Shades Of Denim: Stuck & Developed” here I learned during my master studies that neuro-sciences and psychology have also examined that people are going through different stages in life and along with that change their mind, attitude and priorities. So also parents have to learn that they cannot be their children’s number one for ever. Learn to let go before your children reach their limits and break free in a rage.

Personally I know both states: the hardship of letting go that comes with the fear about my children to happen something and your feeling of duty to protect these innocent and pure treasures but as well the capacity survive in life with the necessary knowledge and life-experience.

I see many of my fellows crossing their boundaries and being completely fine, lucky and even better than expected. They are constantly accompanied by fortune as their parents give them the necessary freedom and support them with their trust. Meanwhile I feel like I lose my energy on unnecessarily pointless confrontations and am haunted by resentful evil souls.

I can tell you, the heavier the suppression takes place the more aggressive your break free will be.

“[…] the intention of the oversize style is not to look like a sandbag.”


Oversize(d) Spring

I do not always watch “Shopping Queen” by Guido Maria Kretschmer (anymore) but if I do I happen to learn about new current trends. One of them being the so called oversize-trend. But what does that mean? Are we going to wear clothes three sizes bigger than our actual size now? That may definitely be one of the ways to do it but the intention of the oversize style is not to look like a sandbag. Moreover you are to play with the cuts and set the right focus with one oversize eye-catching it-piece. Here is what I mean with my statement above: meanwhile the fashion industry creates oversized clothes in your corresponding size (such as my blouson jacket) but if you still do not find the right item for your look you can of course look around the men’s department or in fact buy the decisive item a few sizes bigger. It is only important to not create an oversize all over look but to go figure-hugging equally so that the oversize effect shows off to its advantage.

Colorful oversize style for spring.
Colorful oversize style for spring.
Colorful oversize style for spring.
Colorful oversize style for spring.
Colorful oversize style for spring.

My Look in Details

  • Blouson jacket by Eleganzia Fashion
  • Skirt by Eleganzia Fashion
  • Turtleneck top by H&M
  • Combat boots by H&M
  • Scrunchie by H&M
  • Earrings by SIX
  • Watch by Wempe
  • Lipstick by M.A.C.
  • Tights by C&A

Love, Johanna

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