How To Wear A Blazer Trendy + Glowing Make-Up: Types

Hello my beloved readership,

blazers are back, baby! Read here how to wear the blazer trendy this season and find out about another make-up-trend that makes a glowing face.

This one goes out to my girl who should not let anybody tell her!

We are around 8 billion people in the world and divided into merely 16 personality types… (according to the Myers-Briggs type indicator by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers — short MBTI)

When I was a little girl I also claimed that my back then best friend would copy my style but firstly I was yet to develop common sense and secondly — apart from that — she was really doing it in a very obvious way… Nevertheless when you grow up you learn about the real problems of life and about what actually matters and what does not and let me tell you whether someone wears things the way you do or whether someone buys someone as a result of having seen it to you is such a minor thing compared to what can actually hit you — people have too much energy and therefore invest it in negative and evil, I told you about that here. As long as someone does not have bad intentions by “copying” your style there is nothing bad about it as more than copying inspiration overweights and should rather be regarded as gift.

But how is all of that connected to personality types? The answer is simple. Always keep in mind: every type has its own type. By that I mean that we may be inspired a lot to reproduce things for ourselves but at the end of the day we certainly would not adopt something that would not actually underline a personality trait of ours.

Sometimes we need to see something on someone else in order to actually discover it. Sometimes things appear inconspicuous and then someone livens them up. This can be regarded as evergreen innovation to widen your horizon and grow over yourself.

Last but not least I rather feel like things reproduce that already slightly drift apart from the average are quickly regarded as copy because the almost identical average rules as normality and therefore does not stand out as much. But we can never stop learning from others because life never stops teaching.

“As a basic item you cannot really say that blazers have ever been away […]”


Trend: Hourglass Blazer

Blazers — what once used to be a casual business-basic turned out to be a popular fashion-friend. Meanwhile you find them in all cuts, lengths, colours, material from classy formal to casual, with different kinds of decoration such as rivets or rhinestones. As a basic item you cannot really say that blazers have ever been away but nonetheless they are celebrated as trendy it-piece again without actually any extravagant additions. This is why we talk about blazers being back: this season they are preferred to be worn in the so called ”hourglass“ cut. If this word may overtax you at the first reading ”hourglass“ refers to the non-tailored straight but wasp-waist cut leaving a bend at the waist. The trendy way to wear a blazer in spring 2022 gets completed by the even classier style of matching your bottom to your blazer. Sounds like a style for a job-interview to you? Well, why not? You know this attitude of living from here. Who says that business needs to exclude a fashionable closet? You will be surprised what an important role your outer experience plays to your (potential) bosses – meanwhile. Apart from that dressing accordingly, being (at least) well dressed and being fashionable delivers you a good feeling and a necessary self-confidence on top.

Rouge x 3 = ?

As the GLAMOUR Germany magazine stated fashion trends of spring and summer 2022 are going to be quite mathematic — at least they made it to name them accordingly. The trend they call ”blush x 3“ which corresponds to the mathematical multiplication has two effects in one action: first, all you need in order to create this trend on you is to use one and the same item — in this case one blush-stick (you can use any) on your eyes as eye-shadow, on your cheeks as blush, of course and last but not least your lips as lipstick. As you might have figured out I am a true stick addict with make-up-products. Not only from the quality of their coverage but also from them being absolutely practical: with sticks you can make-up your face quickly yet precisely and they do not leave particles of dust on your clothes or the place you make up. The blush stick suits best for this trend because a lipstick would be too heavy on your eyes and yet an eye-shadow stick would not be good for your lips.

Hint on top: with this make-up tutorial you get the additional trend of glowing skin extra!

Glowing skin with one product on eyes, cheeks and lips.
Glowing skin with one product on eyes, cheeks and lips.
Trendy blazer are uniform again.
Trendy blazer are uniform again.
Trendy blazer are uniform again.

My Look in Details

  • Blazer by Orsay
  • Blouse by Orsay
  • Leggings by Zara
  • Moccasins by Zara
  • Rouge stick private
  • Earrings private

Love, Johanna

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