Nail Art In The Trend-Color Very Peri: Acting For Humanitarian Reasons

Hello my beloved readership,

Very Peri is a certain shade of purple exclusively invented by the company PANTONE. Check out the color of the year 2022 here.

“We are acting for humanitarian reasons.”, if at some point we lose convictions to follow this credo because we feel like limits are reached and borders are crossed in order to act human while those we act for are stamping on us up to destruction it is good to have someone who reminds you to keep going. Your pain is understood, the unfair treatments you have to deal with are known and no one is contradicting you but you cannot and you must not become a bad person because you are treated badly. You know and I know that it would not be right.

When giving your best feels like it has no value and those you are working your butt off still consider you not worthier than a piece of junk you start to question your actions and then your complete self. Frustration turns to desperation and finally to bitterness – you know the infamous saying from William Shakespeare: “Love me or hate me both are in my favour. If you love me I will always be in your heart. If you hate me I will always be in your mind.”

It gets at indifference being the true worst of all feelings when it would not matter that a person would face the worst in life to you. But this is where it all stops: failure to render assistance in an emergency. Like I said above: do not become a bad person because you were treated badly. Victims becoming offenders are weak, lost souls who refuse to believe in the higher greater. But give in to the thought that you would not have anything to lose if you throw all virtues off board. If you are still here you are mean for something bigger and always have something to lose or either to find. So for example strength and growth: grow on all experiences and do not get destroyed by them – or worse destroy yourself because of them. Furthermore: never take off your clean slate.

Do not make yourself open to attack: if you have right by your side justice will be by your side. If you know the truth about yourself and your actions and if you are certain that you have not done anything wrong then remain certain and calm and do not go the wrong way to be indifferent up to the negative. If people are in need act. Not for them – because those to put you down are not worthy of this help – but do it for yourself, for the humanity in you and finally for humanitarian reasons. If your failure would leave to a disaster be the one to prevent the disaster. Do not make your hands dirty on someone worse than you.

Pantone matching system LLC is the name of an internationally spread color-system. They specify different shades of colors through a corresponding numeric code. Like this small nuances decide over the exact shade of a clearly named color of color-family arranged in the big color-groups. This is how similar-looking colors can still be differed from each other. Very Peri takes the numeric code 17-3938. It is best recognized as a very strong shade of pastel lilac with a very dominant (trend-indicating to) blue. This makes Very Peri familiarly spoken a lighter yet more gleaming and stronger shade of ultraviolet (purple with a dominant touch of blue). Its strong coverage and shine lift it up from the extremely soft almost not standing out of white pastel-colors thus looking very light. This feels like fun for the upcoming colorful spring which promises to remain tender but however also a big celebration of the colorful, happy, bright and warm times of the year after a very long seeming winter sleep.

“[…]it feels like home and makes you close an eye on nuances that might be not likable.”

Nail art in Very Peri
Nail in Very Peri.

Back At Thanh Nails

After long thinking and considering I had decided to be back at Thanh Nails thus the very alluring offer the chief of Hanny Beautiful Nails had made me. It had nothing to do with the possibility that they were anyhow bad. But in the end even though it takes me a 30-minutes-walk towards my not so loved central station of Hamburg instead of just crossing the street and staying in my human neighborhood I am ready to take that – the children are in good hands with daddy in that time so I can afford more time. Talking about time, one of points Thanh Nails gain a huge plus with was the waiting-time: I hardly remember a time when I had to wait longer than five minutes for my session to take even if I was late myself. However at Hanny Beautiful Nails I had to wait for half an hour even though I made up a firm date and asked about the waiting time (one might think that it is a luxury to have half an hour for oneself when being out once in a while but sitting almost pointlessly rather made me nervous as almost every minute is firmly planned). Furthermore I feel personally attached to the staff of Thanh Nails, after all we have stuck together throughout two nail studios and twelve years so that it feels like home and makes you close an eye on nuances that might be not likable. We always have so many great talks that the session feels too short for everything. Apart from that they know about my style and cherish it to try out different colors and combine them. For Very Peri I used different shades and pattern in glitter and shiny to have my double-variety.

Love, Johanna

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