Spring Jewelry Pearls: Happy Women’s Day

Hello my beloved readership,

happy celebration, my fellow females – power to us girls! Presenting the spring jewelry, pearls, I want to take up the topic of wasted women. Read more here.

They are pretty, they like to dress-up and show-up, they look like showing interest in the one or other things but in the end they seem just overtaxed with their life and themselves that one may wonder what would they do if they had as much to do as oneself? Not that girl bosses who are right in the middle of life are only career-focused and would not have empathy left for people who probably do not have as much to handle and take care of as them – we are all choosing our paths on our own: some dare more and correspondingly reach for the more and some others others stick where they are – stuck and developed, we have had that topic here already. In the end we should be common sensed enough to not condemn people for less, we do not know what less others could find about us. Furthermore we cannot actually judge situations from outside. Perhaps not everyone is lucky enough like we are. Otherwise we never know about the exact circumstances of someone. Apart from that we cannot change their mind – or not change but rather motivate them – anyway to actually create their life, do something, live it and experience something to talk about every day. Perhaps some women are simply satisfied in the role of some kind of picture book housewife. But here is where I am still wondering or rather wishing that I would like to know how it looks inside the head of these young girls. Because: on the one hand they enjoy to go out and do something, in the next moment (which is how it looks like on the whole most of the time) they retreat into their shell. They are younger than you, they are young just as you are (or supposed to have stayed young) and yet I seem to miss the fun in them. What drives me crazy most is that they have had a lively past but apparently at some point they have started to play mother-father-child rather more than anything.

It seems obvious that I seem to point at a very particular case, otherwise I believe she is certainly not the only case in the world. But in case you wonder why I still cannot let go of her, this topic or simply let her be is that it may be that this story is very exactly cropped on someone but many women make full use of their potential. I wonder what are their children going to learn from them or how are their children going to see them if once they are going to be this grown-up to understand and judge for themselves? What about their husband? I have talked a lot about this topic and my fear is that women who are already stuck at a very young age and believe they are all right and good will end up pitiful and and lonely with nothing fulfilling.

My fellow women, mothers, wives, what I want to tell you is make something of yourself. Often, nearly constantly too much at once is asked from us and even a girl boss as me has always dropped the sentences such as “I am fed up”, “I cannot anymore” and so on but if someone can handle all of that it is us. The fighters and survivors are in our blood and our veins. It is our nature to be caring, supportive, full of responsibility but it would not if we could not handle it. Do not lose yourself, as our Eastern ancients would say, to keep your man interested and as our Western society would say for yourself. Everyone of us deserves to be a women in her full self! See your elders and take aim to make better now in order not to get lost later.

“[…] classy pearls are always a very personal-affair […] I had also worn them for my wedding.”


Pearls: The Trend of the Season

My helpful nature and urge to fill in gaps detailed and completely make me feel frustrated about the fact that under the list in which I am sharing details about where and how you could shop my look I could write nothing but private for the it-pieces the pearl-earrings, the pearl-necklace and the pearl-bracelets. One hint I could give you is that these things are so classy and essential that you should not do hard in finding them in every basic jewelry-shop (or at last on the internet, of course, even though these buys always happen to be risky as you cannot actually check the quality of the items). On the other hand classy pearls are always a very personal-affair – even though I never imagined so before getting my dress I had also worn them for my wedding. Furthermore then my little sister-in-law also known as my bride’s maid gifted me with these pearl earrings. The bracelets and necklace I had owned since my very youngest teen-days, so that they make me feel blessed as owner and receiver. A gift is always a special matter and for this topic it symbolizes even more the special meaning and that women – especially related women – should always want the best for each other in times of ice-breaking and melting.

I had combined them in a style-break with a classy brocade-set from H&M which my grandmother bought me back then in blue (I first saw it on my blonde classmate in pink but preferred blue – the shorts we discovered on our shopping-tour). We had been in fact happy shopping-friends. As I had already shared on one of my Instagram-Stories (follow me here) the “Чебурашка”-T-shirt I wore for my son’s birthday-party who adores this cartoon. It is from a label I emotionally feel very close with. So the base is held classy but the overall look is through and through personal.

Style-break with a statement-shirt and brocade for the spring jewelry pearls.
Style-break with a statement-shirt and brocade for the spring jewelry pearls.
Style-break with a statement-shirt and brocade for the spring jewelry pearls.
Style-break with a statement-shirt and brocade for the spring jewelry pearls.
Style-break with a statement-shirt and brocade for the spring jewelry pearls.

My Look in Details

  • Brocade blazer by H&M*
  • Brocade shorts by H&M*
  • “Чебурашка”-T-Shirt by Tallinn Dolls
  • Tights by C&A
  • Shoes by s.Oliver
  • Grandma’s pearls [literally] private
  • Lipstick “Whipped Caviar” by NYX Professional Make-Up
  • Pearl bracelets private
  • Stud pearl earrings private
  • Watch by Wempe
  • Scrunchy by H&M


Love, Johanna

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