Spring Trend – Soft Denim: Do Not Prove Nothing

Hello my beloved readership,

light denim is the it-piece of spring. Read here how to combine it ultimately for the upcoming season alongside an important life-rule to grow with.

Some people think that they would know everything, do they not? And some others are simply demanding too much, you know? Collectively I would simply invite them to shut their mouths and stop using their brains but you know the old wise saying that only fools think of themselves to be geniuses that do not let anybody to tell them anything. Well, do you know what? I have stopped caring what others think of and talk about me. It makes me shrug ever since I have become too busy working hard on chasing to fulfill my dreams. People who have nothing better to do than challenging me to prove them anything are simply pitiable to me. I know about the truth about me and this is all I need. And you do so, too!

Of course, trust is good and checks would be better, in the end I always feel like this, too. It is hard to let go but we would need to let go, set our hearts free and have faith that all we give would come back to us as well as the thought we would have let it go with. The mantra is: I do not have to prove nothing to nobody! I neither have to prove anyone about myself nor do I have to prove anyone about my actions. Let this in the court houses and to the sciences but where in the world would we be if we end up proving and proving the most unnecessary things? Do we not have nothing better to do? I for myself can say that this is tiring and energy-stealing. Furthermore it is crazy! By that I mean mind-lost. Are people this empty to have nothing better to do than demanding the most simple and elemental? There are still left enough people in the world who are common sensed and able to take responsibility, trust me, those who mistrust them today have not done a bad job on them yesterday so why would it be necessary for them to challenge them? Tear yourself off from this and be confident enough about yourself to say you do not have to prove nothing to no one this is going to keep you in an endless hard mess which you do not need on your way to blossom out.

“(…) you could and should juggle with what you have (…)”

– Fall4Me

Light Denim Combined with Soft Shades of Peach & Pink

Denim is the leather of summer and soft shades are the gaudy colors of spring: in combination we get light denim in baby blue. But furthermore this season the masterclass goes more is more and extends light denim with soft shades of peach and pink. The most preferred realization hereby are brocade patches or the other way round brocade jackets extended with light denim patches. But as fashion – that including myself, an owner of a large closet and an even larger variety of content in it – takes the movement of reuse you do not have to buy a new item fulfilling all requirements trend exactly. Instead you could and should juggle with what you have and get creative in mixing and matching, after all not a single piece makes a look but every item forming a bit of a whole. Instead I would rather suggest you to buy timeless classics that would always return. So once this trend was announced I detected that I am missing light denim pants. It took me three orders from two shops and six jeans in total in three different shapes and washings to in the end find the perfect one from s.Oliver: no washing, flawless light denim that is gleaming, skinny cut and on top I was rewarded with fitting into one size smaller even after a second birth. A yay to that! For the rest I revived the spring trend from the last years mixing different shades of denim, as I reported here, in the boots I got from my mother and my preferred comfortable yet classy looking brocade jacket plus turtle neck style for colder pre-spring-days.

How We Wear… Low Tail

Spring is starting elegantly. As we are stepping in with light colors and soft shades everything seems to take on calm and clean shapes. So as well hairdos: the messy buns and cheeky high knots are out for now. Instead the most essential of all hairstyles, the classy low tail is back. It is time to wake up and come to new strength and formation with elegant styles. Traces of tiredness are over now. But never mind, that you can still style with a scrunchy.

Light denim combined with soft shades of peach and pink.
Light denim combined with soft shades of peach and pink.
Light denim combined with soft shades of peach and pink.
Light denim combined with soft shades of peach and pink.
Light denim combined with soft shades of peach and pink.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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