Nail-Art in Indigo: Do Not Question

Hello my beloved readership,

this blue is called indigo and is the trend-color for spring. So even if everything has a reason we do not question it. Read more here.

We are going through tough times: on one time we regard someone as our enemy and then again once we fathom some events that are kept down in this interpersonal dealings we wonder in the conclusion how to love someone. Define love! As I told you that time here and something else I told you is why even questioning? We are already worrying about enough in addition to the stressful everyday life why not once in a while we do not question at least one thing we would not need to question? Of course, you will be right if you raise an objection that once for example love is taken for granted it would lose its value but trust me at some point examining the psychological background is tougher and worse. You are going to keep on and on until you will be left lost and dissatisfied.

Taking (at least) my past into consideration questioning relationships can drive you ruining them on your very own. “Stop asking all the time!”, the people in my life yelled. This is not a story, the truth is people tend to feel burdened by this question and it will make them feel like whatever they do and how they do it it will never be enough. In the end they will be tired of the need to prove anything and run away than to bother. Keep in mind: people are different so do these different people have different ways to show their love. My recommendation is: stop questioning, start cherishing.

Either way, questioning relationships would make you come out as a loser every time. Even if it would not it would at least make you feel misplaced. You really do not need that. Step out into the world a little bit more self-confidently and take things as they come. Be the one who decides instead of being someone about whom things are decided.

Nail-art in indigo combined with beige.
Nail-art in indigo combined with beige.

Nails By Hanny Beautiful Nails

For this nail art there was a reunion taking place with Hanny Beautiful Nails who had replaced Thanh Mai Nails since the first lockdown due to the Corona-pandemic in spring 2020. The worse our start was because of misunderstandings and misled thoughts the better our reunion has been. Without going into any further detail on this I would like to express how agreeable I felt about my visit there about which I told you here! Not only I cherish their more than thorough and clean work but also their massive selection of colours and shades which maters especially when you have trends of particular shades such as indigo which likes to be combined with beige this season. That made even the waiting a less wasted time.

The staff of Hanny Beautiful nails was very adorable, kind and has put a lot of effort to my whole satisfaction. It was good that an incident united us again.

Visit their studio in Hamburg-Hohenfelde.

Love, Johanna

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