Leo-Print & 70s Style For Valentine: Define Love

Hello my beloved readership,

happy Valentine’s Day – long live free love! Taking up that wide and important topic with trendy leo-print and 70s style. Read more about it here.

While some people claim that they love someone like only their kind could (which makes me want to vomit and you are going to find out in the upcoming lines) some others are struggling how to love someone when being constantly hurt. And what is the only thing I am doing? Stopping to question (but this is a topic for another time) especially because this is not the first advice I would give someone. Perhaps I should explain why the first point drives me mad (not that you could not guess why, but still) and with that will come my actual, best and only advice I would lend those referring to the second point with: What in the name of God have you done – moving, touching, meaningful – to claim a strong love when almost all your egocentric actions are rather destructive than loving?

Let us be honest, there is nothing this diffused and this wide-ranging than love. Love… can someone actually explain? Someone… without googling? Anyone…? No? Okay let us stop here.

Wikipedia defines love as “a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest pleasure.”, sounds good at the first sight… and how do you show it? You can actually say a lot but your actions need to correspond to your words so that you can also mean what you are saying. Every teacher in philosophy is going to give this to you on your way: Say what you actually mean. Easier said than done. In our everyday imagination the practice of love takes place between two people being intimate with each other but life and socialization have taught us that different people in different relationships to each other love each other differently (Philip Banks, Fresh Prince of Bel Air). With regard on the above written official definition of love it means unconditional affection. So I deduce from this that if love is an unconditional positive feeling it mean acceptance… and so on. The space is too short to talk about love in all its points of diversion but I already showed you: All I would be asking for and the advice I can give you is define love for yourself. Make love visible by defining it with actions or synonyms. How are you showing your love towards someone. Like this you will be able to figure out if it is love or not. Some main keywords in favor of love besides from acceptance would be sacrifice, respect, always being there for someone and yet not blame them that you were.

Love does not actually follow a straight rule it can have many facets, among others wild like the 70s. It is up to you, whenever you may be in doubt about love: define it and you will know confidently.

“…a good occasion to once in a while take this extravagant item out of my closet according to my fashion-attitude to revive my old forgotten loves.”


The Sign of The Leopard

“The upcoming year is the sign of the leopard”, my good friend wrote in the birthday card for me when she gifted me with in September along with the cute shortcut blouse I wore in an advanced state of pregnancy last year in November – review the article here. She may be not so wrong with that since we are finding ourselves in the Lunar Year/the year of the tiger following the Chinese Calendar and zodiac signs. The leopard-pattern trend and 70s trend came pretty much both at the same time but as the 70s themselves have been pretty much wild and unbound according to the motto “everything is allowed” from flower-power to wildcats the leo-print is more of an on-point supportive element to this style and trend and therefore forms a good base to work with and build the look on. This is why I have also chosen torn jeans with crazy kissing mouth patches or furthermore a good reason to once in a while take this extravagant item out of my closet according to my fashion-attitude to revive my old forgotten loves. Talking about love I am proud to present you my new favorite boots: a Christmas gift by my only one husband.

Make-Up: Fresh with a Signal-Red Lipstick

As you see my make-up for this look is held rather reduced. The main reason for that is the actual idea to remain loyal to the 70s-style and make the look complete with it. What is most conspicuous is that I left out my eyebrow-pencil as well as my eyeliner. Therefore my trademark red lipstick stands out even more. My intention behind this make-up (as you see it in the simply falling hair) was to keep the look as natural as possible. With this idea I was most of all thinking of Donna Pinciotti from “That 70s Show” portrayed by no one less than Laura Prepon, who also wore her straight hair naturally long and shiny in her less fancy tomboy-style. But even that 70s icon Donna would never go without enchanting lips. A perfect coincidence is that signal-red lips that are standing out in this look are a runner-up trend right in the beginning of the new year.

70s style based om leo-print.
70s-style based on leo-print.
70s-style based on leo-print.
70s-style based on leo-print.
70s-style based on leo-print.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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