Red For Christmas: Like A Royal

Hello my beloved readership,

the trend-color of this year is red for Christmas on make-up as well as in fashion. A style that royals have discovered for themselves. Read more here.

Very British or in fact an etiquette that royals follow? Either way they know how to do it that inner conflicts do not degenerate to a public war. In the end, of course, royals are just humans with feelings and instincts who are not perfect, indeed. Because no matter how much you may practice to be perfect in the means of being flawless it would neither be right nor good and least it would be real(-istic) as it would go beyond being human. But also royals are humans with ups and downs – good and bad times – in their carefree, perfectly happy seeming world like all of us are no matter how things may look like from outside. However what in the first place them and with them some others are capable of doing very well is taking a distant position on trash thrown at them. No matter how big the amount of trash thrown at them may be and no matter how much some resentful others may search for faults with someone. This is what in the end makes them seem perfect and indestructible while they still remain real, human and authentic. They keep their serious problems for themselves and even if they are anyhow attacked they at least obviously or visibly let it get to their heart. It may be that the attacks still can affect them negatively but thanks to simple hacks they do not let these attacks bring them down. Finally royals invest more energy following their good heart and doing charity rather than to show any drama. We can take this skill as very good example starting to not post our problems on social media – not at least because the words “posting your problems on Facebook is childish” have left their mark on me very strongly. Yes, you are allowed to show feelings and be simply how you are but do you really want to make yourself vulnerable towards those who are not worth it? Do not show them a reaction to their nasty behavior. You can still do that later. Remain calm and shoot some cool drivels if necessary or in the end smile simply politely. This is what really hurts. I know, our mothers used to say this and we did not really believe in them but it is effective and true.

“With such a sublime outfit […] it is no surprise that […] Christmas […] looks like a formal event […].”


Red, Red Make-Up and Cocktail-Dresses

Christmas seems to have two colors: either glitter/silver and gold/sequins with black accents as it was last year (see it here) or red, red and again red – without exception from head to toe. Of course your accessories can shine in gold, which would be my personal choice, to make the outfit a little bit more noble and complete that touch. With such a sublime outfit that makes you look almost no different than Duchess Catherine it is no surprise that the whole Christmas celebration within the circle of the closest family looks like a formal event to people who are new to the crew. But to reveal the whole appearance it is really not that formal as it seems. Sometimes we just need an event to dress-up and get on the table together as in our busy daily life we are all spread around everywhere and if at all we get to talk it is rather for “business”. Therefore Christmas is kind of a very welcome change along with its magic and beauty.

A Christmas-outfit in a red cocktail-dress and red make-up.
A Christmas-outfit in a red cocktail-dress and red make-up.
A Christmas-outfit in a red cocktail-dress and red make-up.
A Christmas-outfit in a red cocktail-dress and red make-up.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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