New Life Nail Art: Do Beautiful Final

Hello my beloved readership,

new life nail art for the second time to give birth are the fortune colors for the year of the ox, the continuation of it’s a girl and the do beautiful final.

My series to answer the questions asked to representatives of the “Do Beautiful”-campaign by the perfumery Douglas is coming to an end even though the company has extended this campaign from summer up to Christmas-time in winter adding that a gift “can be so much more”. This is a good keyword because with this nail-art I can proudly show you my new and better version of engagement ring (by the same dreamlike husband) I got for Santa Claus in my hidden in my advent calendar with another proposal after my first ring got broken for the second time. Read my final answer/statement about beautiful below.

“Do not abuse anything about you to attract and gain attention.”


What is going to be Beautiful in the Future?

Kind is the new beautiful! There is no sentence that is so highly celebrated in society that I would support more. If people would just also stick to what they are screaming. Like this they would be less plastic, superficial and unreal as their kind seems to brained, distanced and social critical people… I have got the feeling that make-up goes two directions: either used a lot or hardly used. If you ask me furthermore I would even say that it goes the second direction that people start to use less make-up but more skin-care to shine naturally. Finally honest men seem to be heard by the wave of women who show courage to bring their natural beauty as God has made them to the surface. In addition these are the ones with pure, honest and loving hearts who give the same care to the people in their life. So more than kind, natural and realness is going to be beautiful in the future. People, myself included, hate when people pretend to be what they are not: flawless, always good mooded and always kind and close to anyone. We see it with influencers (whom I still consider what this word actually means to mean – a sickness). But real people have flaws and it is big, very B I G of them to show them and to stand to them. You cannot always be peaceful, be on song, look as if you are coming right from the beauty salon, perfect, so do not even try to be. It is okay and it is normal if you are not. Just know when and where to reveal what and how much. Do not abuse anything about you to attract and gain attention. Sometimes the attention of a small group of people close to us is enough and all you need. So be yourself, be down-to-earth, be honest, do not take aim to attract but be kind and spread love and justice. This is the absolute beautiful of tomorrow!

Fortune colors for the year of the ox are green and yellow.
Fortune colors for the year of the ox are green and yellow.

Nail-Art By Thanh Nails

To those of you for whom this nail art may seem more than familiar as if I have had them on very recently you are not alone and you might be right. I have had almost the same nail art on about one year ago at the beginning of this year in January to welcome the Chinese new year and with that the final and official beginning of the new year. Who would have thought that between the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new year I would need this nail art again? Do not let me start with all the feelings I was surrounded by in this context. After my personal experience last year in late autumn and being clear with myself again for the beginning of this ongoing year. I have had set different priorities than having a second child and accepted to have it later than planned how hard the way to get there might have been. Then when I was in my complete workflow due to university I found myself pregnant again indeed with a due date that left me unbelievable myself. I mean sure at the end of the last year I had written to have my second child – a daughter with a special name – still in the upcoming year but I had written it down just like that without even believing in the reality content of this wish. Well there, but still I could answer to the very friendly and talkative staff of Thanh Nails when we talked about the due date as a result of the question why I must not drink glühwein recently that next time I would come to them it would be without my baby bump. Rubbing my baby bump was for them as some kind of fortune itself.

Visit this great nail studio near the central station in Hamburg at the Lange Reihe 1-5.

Love, Johanna

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