It’s A Girl Nail-Art: Do Beautiful #3

Hello my dearly beloved readership,

it’s a girl nail-art for a corresponding baby shower party. A beautiful occasion to answer another question of the “Do Beautiful”-campaign.

This time I am going to answer two questions of the “Do Beautiful”-campaign as this is my before last nail-art for this year and they have asked five different questions on the whole. Read my answers in the following.

Do Beautiful – What Does That Mean For You?

Make-up, clothes and other status symbols – all of them can make people seem beautiful at the first sight but then we start to interact and experience the big disappointment: Ugly behaviour that makes the facade crumble and reveals the true face. My anger has always lied in the question “how can these people still be admired and how can people not see what is behind this?!”. The ugly behaviour I am talking about here are traits like hate, resentment, envy… attacks that come all of a sudden to put good people down in order to profit from it. Sometimes these attacks come by people who are not even the main offender but people who joined the bad talks behind the back and feel of it as fun putting someone else down. So after beating about the bush with this explanation I want to get to the answer that do beautiful means to me to be kind. As I am feeling of these words to be a more active call to action. So furthermore do beautiful means to me to to boost people’s self-confidence and not be thrifty to tell them about their qualities. Do beautiful is empowerment than spreading hate.

“I would also call people to do beautiful and elders to teach these virtues to their children.”


What do You Wish for based on Your Experiences?

Based on my experiences it would be too much asked to wish that people would think before they act let go speak. So basically based on my experiences my wish refers to people. The earth is just the earth and takes its constant turn without caring about anything or anyone else. Especially not to harm anyone or anything human affect the world and the stirrings that are lying in the air and often or generally in a bad way. Somehow you cannot even say if there has been a period of time when things because of people or the social life has been better than during another time. All of them kind of have their negative aspects. Therefore I just wish people to be more considerate – you do not always have to speak out what you think. Honesty is a virtue but the sound makes the music. There are considerate ways to communicate things. Also what I have discussed in my above answer about peer pressure to make fun of someone. These people just see the surface. No one would ever consider the state the person put down would find itself in. Then a bad message can hit them like a lightning. That is just awful. Therefore I would also call people to do beautiful and elders to teach this virtue to their children. Children are very insecure about themselves and especially during their growth when everything is new and needs to be getting used to and many things cannot be intruded upon children should be taught discretion. Because otherwise this can affect someone else’s self-confidence heavily.

It's a girl nail-art for a baby shower party.
It's a girl nail-art for a baby shower party.

Nail Art by Thanh Nails

Oh… I really cannot see this massive overload of soft pink when it comes to baby parties for girls. What is certainly more ridiculous are mothers who are themselves up in soft pink from head to toe as if they would be the baby girls themselves. The only thing that would be missing there for them is a dummy in their mouths… seriously! I really would not want my daughter to look at the photos of her baby shower party twelve to 21 years later and be completely ashamed of me. So the girlish dream of the princess in pink that is all very well, but let us be honest we do not know how our daughters will develop and would it be not better to be strong ideals for them as tough women already when they are lying right underneath our heart? We already are very much branded during pregnancy as well as fragile. There we do not need additional fragility. Therefore I have added demonstrative a purple to my pink nail art to match the decoration on point. You can see my outfit for the occasion on my article about the linen trend here.

Thanks to Thanh Nails for the beautiful nails! You can visit their studio close to the central station at Lange Reihe 1-5.

Love, Johanna

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