Scandi Trend Green: Simply Creative

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from Estonian inspirations to the Scandinavian fashion week: Meet the Scandi trend green and read about their natural simple creativity here.

“More is more”, that is the mentality of “why not always”, which I have blogged about last year. Read about it again here. I do not mind the grandiose “more is more”-attitude which is strongly represented in the country of my origin, Armenia and many other south-eastern countries but as well in the USA and Russia. You know it, whoever asks me about my origin gets the answer that I am Armenian. Even though I was born and raised in Germany I would hardly answer that I am German because I cannot identify with the German mentality and modern German culture. So moreover than saying I am Armenian (because I have my reasons to see the critical points of the Armenian nation – I am allowed to, you are not, because they are mine in the end) I consider myself European: Passionate like Italian, family like Spanish, refined like French, punctual like German and adventurous like Scandinavian. The many-sidedness of Europe is unique like no other union’s is and I love it! I celebrate this colorfulness, cheerfulness and collectivism thus the differences that Europe is holding, while other regions that do not very much differ from each other make a war as if it would be an all or nothing. Therefore I am just like Europe one day Spanish and the other day perhaps more Swedish and then again… I do not know, Austrian maybe? As I described it in the album “Look of the Day” on my Facebook page “A little bit of everything but always a whole lot of me.”, this is who I am and this is what I am living out in fashion: once like this, for example grandiosely extravagant on the other day like that: simply creative – creatively fashionable in a simple and cleanly-creative style.

“[…] the most obvious things are the most easily overseen.”


Green in the Spot

Scandi is the fashionable term for Scandinavian. Therefore you are always hearing this expression in the context of Scandi style, Scandi living, Scandi trends or summed up in one Scandi fashion. When I first heard this term I had absolutely no idea what to imagine about it. As I heard the explanation for it a very long and loud “Oh…!”, rang in my head and suddenly I thought that, yes, it could not have been more obvious. There you see that the most obvious things are the most easily overseen. That is because we make things too costly. The Scandinavians are far from this mentality: the people from the north are very nature-loving and live it out in interior design and their fashion style. In the course of this style the Scandinavians maintain clean by putting the spot on the colors and mostly leave out pattern or if they use them they are straight and clean such as stripes. The preferred Scandi-style colors are those of the nature such as green, which are not bright but mainly damped. To convert this style to reality I have chosen my favorite fir-green jacquard dress on which I am holding many dear memories. Also I have tried to use green accessories mainly. Just with the basics I used black as background color in order not to move the spot from green. The style itself with the hat and the shoes is inspired by the Estonian musician Piret Järvis-Milder. Legit, since Estonia is a nation that is very close to Scandinavia.

Scandi trend green with black in the background.
Scandi trend green with black in the background.
Scandi trend green with black in the background.
Scandi trend green with black in the background.
Scandi trend green with black in the background.

My Look in Details

Love, Johanna

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